How to make cannabis tincture

Recipe For Tincture of Cannabis

A tincture is simply an herb steeped in alcohol. If you don’t like to smoke but don’t mind drinking alcoholic beverages, this makes an excellent THC dispersal system. However, you will have to—don’t be shocked—do a lot of testing and experimentation to determine your proper dosage. You can use trim or tops for this method, but tops are considered superior because they produce less of the weedy flavor of the trim. There is no need to crush the tops or blend the mixture—the vodka will efficiently extract the THC without help. You can also extract the THC with grain alcohol, which is 190 proof, but if you do, cut the amount of tincture by at least half for the following beverage recipes.

¼ ounce cured tops
1 liter vodka

  1. In a large Mason jar, combine the tops and vodka. Place in a dark cabinet for a week, shaking the mixture once a day. When the tops have steeped for a week, strain the mixture through a coffee filter into another jar. Label and date the jar and place it in the refrigerator, where it will keep indefinitely.
    Note: You will have to experiment to determine your dosage, but one writer on a cannabis forum states that he mixes 1 tablespoon of the tincture with a little fruit juice and “slugs it back.” That is all he needs for about 3 hours of treatment, with the caveat that, like eating it, the effects take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to appear. Of course, you can use it as needed in any vodka mixed drink, but use caution or you could be doubly stoned.

makes about 3 cups