3 tincture questions

so i followed robert bergman’s instructions on how to make a tincture for vape pen juice:

i cut up 6grams of 20% THC weed and put it in a small mason jar and covered it with 3oz of 151proof grain alcohol for 14days, shaking/stirring it every day. then i strained it and got close to 3oz of extract since not much evaporated with the jar lid on.

question#1: i’ll be mixing my tincture with VG to use in an ecig. what percentage of tincture-to-VG should i start with? i’d like to experiment a little and find what strength i like before i make the whole batch. my ecig cartridge holds 0.75mL.

question#2: is there a specific way i need to mix my tincture and VG so the two will assimilate or do they easily take to each other?

question#3: i’m not super excited about vaping 75.5% grain alcohol and whatever else is in there into my lungs. so what happens if i leave my tincture out to evaporate? if it totally evaporates will there be some kind of THC substance left?

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I get a big pan of water on the stove on low setting and set my pyrex dish in hot water to help evaporate

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you answered not one of my questions.

I just told you how to evaporate the alcohol. So how did I don’t answer one of your questions. I’m busy at moment and was going try to answer your other questions when I had time. But good luck to you


Sorry. I figured this was obvious. The left over oil is straight thc

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@HornHead what is difference between tincture and wax

Honestly I don’t know. @Hogmaster or @Countryboyjvd1971 can you answer her ?

A tincture holds trichs/resin in a liquid suspension. Wax is pure concentrated trichs/resin.

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Could you use tincture for THC oil for a pen?

I think that’s best made with vegetable glyrcerin, rather than alcohol. I think you can use both, but you need to completely evaporate off the alcohol and probably use a liquidizer before mixing with your vape fluid.