Tincture vs. edible

Has anyone made a tincture at home?
Would this work better than an edible on someone with muscle spasms and accompanying anxiety?
If I buy it in a legal state what should I be looking for?

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I want to say @BIGE has made some tincture. @AnneBonny I believe she has become the edible guru that knows all.


Tinctures, if used sublingually, kick in w/in a few minutes, while edibles take 30-90 mins. You can make tinctures w/o activating the THC, that way you’re getting mostly cbd effects.

Tinctures are also great b/c you can really dial in the perfect dose.


i quit making tincture because of alcohol in it…decarb an put in capsules now @Supernoobie


You can make tinctures with food grade glycerine, too. I’ve never done it, myself.

I like to let most of the alcohol evaporate off so it’s the consistency of watery honey, if that makes sense. I don’t cook it to achieve evaporation; I set an open bowl of finished tincture in a dark room for about a week.

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i’m just starting to try different things,the glycerine may be next thing to try…
i’m already set up for that…i purchased a precision cooker already.lol


Food grade glycerine definitely tastes better than alcohol! I hope you share your experiments on the forum, b/c I wanna see!


ohhh,you know i will…lol
that is how i got this far…other folks sharing their success and failures…


Hi @Supernoobie. I don’t think it’s a matter of which works better but more of a personal preference. What might work best for me may not be best for you.

For anxiety especially if it’s a panic attack I would think a tincture would be ideal. But for muscle spasms I prefer an edible with some vaping as a backup until it kicks in. But that’s me.

There are a variety of methods you can use and a variety of types of cannabis you can use to make tinctures. By types I don’t mean strains I mean shatter, kief, wax, flower. The dispensary I used to go to was never consistent with the strain or type of cannabis they carried so YouTube and I became best friends on how to get things made.

Take a peek in the members lounge. There is lots of good info there on edibles, tinctures and stuff. Just remember you use flower or kief you need to decarb to activate the THC and CBD since you won’t be smoking it. If you don’t decarb you won’t get the benefits you need.

Feel free to tag me with any questions. I’ve been around more in the evening as work had been a little crazy so haven’t been able to peek in during the day too much.


This going to take a lot of experimenting and I’ve got to be really careful.

I am going to have to decide whether to give him a maintenance dose; the capsules would work for that. Or, use the tincture on an as needed basis.

Will go browse the members lounge, and will sure be back to you,once I get some bud to work with.

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It’s my next experiment. Naking juice for my vape that I used to use it for vaping cbd so I’m repurposing it haha

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Use sunflower seed lecithin

it works well with getting in your body faster


When done correctly, this recipe will take 10 days

First you must decarboxylate your raw material. Use the whole plant minus the roots. This will give you the highest medicinal effect.

Heat oven to 200-212 degrees. Put desired plant material in a mason jar and seal the top. Put jar in oven for 45 minutes.
After decarboxylation remove from oven and let it cool over night. This will allow the terpenes to absorb into the plant material.
Fill this jar with Organic Coconut Oil. Fill to the top of the jar covering all the plant material.
Cook in a water bath at 118 degrees for 5 days. Stir occasionally.
Remove from water bath and filter Coconut Oil. Squeeze the material to remove all the oil.
Re-fill the jar with new oil and heat for an additional 3 days. Remove from water bath and filter.

Now add Sunflower liquid Lecithin. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to one cup of coconut oil.
This can be used as an oral or topical solution. Enjoy. I add 1 tbs per batch of brownies With the lecithin oil The edibles kick in within 15 20 minutes


Many thanks for the detailed recipe, Hogmaster!

Very helpful, I am anxious to do this.

Only one question…about how much plant material to use? Fill the jar, packed? Or loose?

My plants are still small, no buds yet.

I will have to sacrifice one or two of the plants, they are about 6 inches high, and putting on leaves very well.

I feel this is urgent, my brother is going downhill fast and I believe this will keep him out of a nursing home.

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Fill the jar nice but not packed but I fill it to the threads if all I had was a ounce of good meds I would use this method last a lot longer then the flower

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Where do you all get the food grade glycerin for them I would like to make a Tincher but I’m not going to use alcohol for it

Your local health store, possibly at a pharmacy, and online.

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@blackthumbbetty and @AnneBonny maybe you can help me answer a question of tincture making and use by vaping. Or ANYONE else not being exclusive to these members only.

I have never vaped so don’t know squat about it. To get a medical dose of cannabis, I want to try vaping by making my own tincture. I like the approach to allow alcohol to evaporate instead of boiling - so I may make the tincture, and leave in an open bowl in front of a gentle fan. The air movement will evaporate the liquids until I get a thicker consistency. Now this is just my “theory”, so please correct me if I will be making mistakes.

From there I will add in vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in equal mixtures. NOW…this is where I get lost trying to vape this mixture. Do I need a special pen for wet mixtures as opposed to a special pen for dry herb? OR is there a pen that can do both? Suggestions?

Thanks for any advise and help to get started.

I have made tinctures of
Vegetable glycerin
Coconut oil
So far I made a vape juice and geletin cubes of the VG
The alcohol tincture I just cut with water and drink
So far it has worked for me but I also use a lift decarboxylator and that is working much better than my cheap oven ever did

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Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for a decent vape pen that is suitable for use?

Interested in your lift decarb machine. How does it work in relation to using an oven set at 225F?