How to create seeds

  1. I want regular seeds not feminized
  2. I have 2 tents and would like to use 1 for pollination and 1 to be free of pollen

How do I pollinate the first tent and not have it get to the other tent? I have pantyhose covering intake holes and I know I can spray water on the plant to neutralize the pollen. Any other tips greatly appreciated.

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Honestly kinda hard to stop pollen 1 male can pollinate up to 8 or more females and can stick on you, your clothes, walls through areas of grow room or tent and if fan is blowing it will keep the pollen moving

So just let it happen then cleanup everywhere?
Make sure I don’t have females around that I can pollinate?

Yea pretty much buddy

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@Hogmaster may be a guy you’d like to speak to on seed making not sure he does reg seeds but I know he does make his own


Can a male in flower, pollinate a female that is still in veg? Million dollar question

I would have to Say no @Fever if she’s still in veg
But if any of the pollen hangs around you may have a issue once she flowers

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That’s a tough call if it’s in the same room that you vegan and flour and then yes I’ve even had it on an outdoor grill had females over 100 yards away had a few male plants the pollen had blown through The air and pollinated half of my plants

Same room different tents

Then you should be fine my suggestion is Cut down the males throw them away unless you’re going to collect pollen very easy to do get a paper bag I normally break your branch towards laying put a bag over it let it sit for 24 to 48 hours or you can pull off pollen sacsand put in the paper bag

I would like to

  1. Pollinate to create more seeds
  2. Get a nonseeded high yield

Separate goals not necessarily in order

I go with the turning females in to male technique colloidal silver

Doesn’t that produce female seeds? What is the benefit of that method? To get high yield from all colas except the one you sprayed with colloidal silver?

it produces pollen sacs then I take the pollen sacs in use on other plans and yes it does produce female seeds

Yea I’m actually trying to test a theory and want regular seeds sorry to sound picky

Then you will need to buy regular seeds still do the colloidal silver that will produce pollen sack and seeds that way you can use it for what other plans you want to use it on

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And just for the record I don’t think it supposed to make it a female but everything I’ve used and ground has been that I’ve made

I’m with you on cutting down all males lol @Hogmaster

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Sort of like humans in a sense…

No far different