Collecting pollen from a female in the flower tent

Hey guys,

So I have a female plant thats my prize pheno and I want to create feminized seeds with her and a Pineapple Chunk I got going. I have a clone of her in my flower tent just entering week 1 as well as the pineapple c.
I’m going the colloidal silver route and nervous about pollen accidentally fucking up my other plants in flower, so I need to be extra careful.

Can I cut the branch (the one i’m spraying with Colloidal Silver) before the pollen releases and place it in a glass of water in another room? I’ve seen people do this with male plants and I just wanted to be sure.

I think you have two option with this, one is to place a SECURE plastic bag over the branch you’re spraying, or put it in a second tent. @Zackgrows

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I have put white paper bags over the branch then use a flashlight behind it to check the silhouette and see if the male flowers have opened .

On a male only plant, not sure if you will be able to make out the male flower inter mixed in female cola.

i think, to be fully mature pollen the sacs should start to open,
if u remove the sacs before that, it is immature pollen…???

if there r other plants in the area of male pollen something will get pollinated,
i would either not attempt it or not worry about a seedy harvest,
or 2 harvests if the pollen gets really outta control.!

Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to respond.
I’m just setting up a third tent for my males / shemales.
Figured that would be easier than having to worry about anything going array.

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