How Often To Supply Nutes

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Indoor newb here :grinning:
How often does one supply Nutes to the girls?
I use a Manutec part A & B mixed to their mix ratio for a ten litre of water amount. I then add two more litres of water just to be on the "less is more"side. I cannot seem to find how often I should apply the mix to the plants.Medium grown in = Sterelised high quality seed raising soil, sand, vermiculite just a dash, and Perlite.
Any help would be appreciated

Typical rule of thumb is either once per week or every other waterings depending on your nutes and aggressiveness . Manutec seems to be a once weekly fertilizer

Awesome GreenSnek ya Legend
and if they get a little thirsty in between … just plain water is ok ?
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Phd water yup though adding a lil cal mag during flower time can help boost those buds a lil

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What are your TDS runoff numbers???