Help with watering practices using nutes

I have 9 plants and 6 of which are just beginning to flower. I will need to be using nutes as they are growing in pots outdoors and not in the ground. I have the FF trio of nutes and the medium is FFOF that’s about 6 weeks into my grow but my question is if I mix at 1/2 The rate the bottle suggest as most of you have told me to do so starting off. Should I mix a gallon of water worth and use the whole gallon on each plant or maybe mix a gallon worth and use half gallon each on 2 plants and so on. Just wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. Also do I wet the whole medium first before adding the nute mixed water or what. Sorry if any of this sounds as if I should know this but I really don’t and usually only get a few responses to any questions I have if I’m lucky so I’m just kind of winging it. Also does anyone flush occasionally after a few feedings to prevent salt build up or only flush prior to harvest. Just learning as I go and isn’t always the easiest thing to do. One more thing is there anything else I can add to help my plants besides the nutes I have? Heard certain types molasses helps but I don’t know which ones or if there’s anything else I can add above and beyond what I have to help bud that won’t creat nute burn or has a low risk of it. Thanks to anyone who might be willing to help me. These are my girls a week or 2 ago.


I would mix 5gal at a time because they probably won’t take whole gal


I also think I would start by mixing up 5 gallons for all the plants. You can always adjust if it was too much or not enough. Mix and use, it settles if it sits too long.
I would do the flushes on the schedule. Better to be safe than sorry there.
I also use the trio. Use them together as they are designed.
I use full dose and just water between feeds. You might start with 1/2 if it makes you feel better. Your call there.
So I feed,water,feed,water,ect.
Here is schedule in case you dont have one.


The rule of thumb I use is use water half the gals of your pots.

A 5-gal grow bag requires no more than 2.5 gals on average to completely saturate


Your plants really don’t look like they are struggling… They look pretty healthy to me…If you’re not really getting the responses and you want info this site (and others) have an :mag: symbol just type in whatever you need to know and a past article should pop up…Most of the time a member here will be glad to answer your questions…Ive always read less is more (most of the time)…Keep us posted on the outcome…!!

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