How often to water with nutes

We have been in a heatwave here in Northern California for weeks. 114 today. 6 plants outdoors in 20 gallon fabric pots. 3 skywalker, they are dealing with it. 1 GDP, she loves this. 2 wedding cake, super stressed but still alive. I feed them nutes everyday 4-5 gallons worth. Humboldt nutes. Do you folks feed them nutes daily, or give them straight ph’d water every other day? They aren’t getting nute burn. Some leaves burnt from heat. Getting expensive, girls are super thirsty.

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Daily is too often. Feed as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

The important point is to let the soil dry out between waterings. Soak the soil to runoff and them let the soil dry out before watering again. These wet/dry cycles are necessary for good root health.

The above assumes that you are growing in soil and not coco. Let us know if you are growing in coco. It will change the above recommendations.


@MidwestGuy is absolutely correct with liquid nute feeding. If living soil the dry cycle is a little different. Soil alway moist and no ppm or ph check rquired. Just in case you go that route. 114 huh. Are you anywhere near Lemoore area? That is sons home base when not deployed as now. Hot as hell last time we went to visit. Fishing SUCKED!!!

I grow with this stuff.

I’m up 13 hours from there in Northern California

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