Newbe question about neuts schedule

I’m new to neuts. I use FFOF and FF trio neuts. I am watering every other day as the plants tell me to by their shape. The FF schedule says to FEED every other watering. I think I get that, but since that means 2 to 3 watering per week with neuts. Is that too much neuts? Dilution ratios are a little more than half of what FF recommends. No issues showing just curious to understand more.

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Test your runoff to see the ppm of it, that way your plants can tell you when they need more nutes.

Low and slow to the start and rocket fuel during flower


GoodMorning fellas, im with @PharmerBob bob on this one ,check ppm and ph before and after they go in, if your ph ain’t right its like adding fuel to your gas tank with the fuel pump broken, you know you put gas in the tank, but there aint no uptake, keep your ph in check is very important, so it can uptake them nutrients, id start with 1/2 of what’s recommended @Audiofreak you can always add more if needed, but once added you cant take it out unless you flush, Goodluck my friend, how’s them peyote btw?

PH checked every time. Tap water is 7.7 fairly consistent, pH with or without neuts to 6.5. Runoff is also consistent at 6.8. Dilution ratios have been strated at 1/4 recommended strength, then later uped to 1/2, later a smidgen more. I guess I need to get a TDS meter. But following the same process suggested here. Just wondered if more frequency of watering per week could accumulate too much neuts though I think that’s the purpose of “every other” day watering with just “clean water” to prevent salt build-up in the soil and over nutrients, at least that as my understanding. Do I understand that correctly??

Get that ph down to about 5.5-6

@PharmerBob woukd that ph be good for coco.? he’s growing in FF soil if i read correctly.

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Not good for cannabis ph is plant related not substrate related

Huh??? Been advised that 6.5 is the sweet spot.

Amy I reading this chart incorrectly???

Ive gone organic so i dont use ph meters or ppm meters no more unless i see deficiencies, have never used ff soil either, just from what ive read others use. I think im perrty sure 6.2 to 6.7 is a good range for soil, @TDubWilly @garrigan62 @AAA @Covertgrower

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Sorry 6-6.5 is ok, I try for lower around 6 since the ph will raise naturally over time

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I mix and use immediately, so it doesn’t sit and the runoff is pretty much same at 6.7 so it raised pH only 2 tenths of a point consistently. Hoping that’s a good thing.


Fox Farms recommends regular flushing with their nutrients, to help periodically clear away salts and ppms.


That’s why I figure they recommend feeding every other watering.

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Thanks @blackthumbbetty for the reassurance:grinning::+1::+1:

Yup. If the girls like the frequent feeds… keep it up. You can feed 3 times a week with watering inbetween at 1/4 a strength or twice a week at 1/3. Its all a feeling game. The schedule is more of a guideline. If your soil isnt drying out properly, add in a dry out day.

And as Betty said. FF is notoriously salty. Every so often (when recommended) those flushes could save ur crop

They will NOT let me go past 2 days between watering, they look so sad when they want water.
So I’ve been feeding 1/2 strength plus a smidgen every other day and they seem happy with that but can’t wait any longer or they will droop badly. Seems that they could take even stronger strength neuts as they show no neut issues ,at least none I can recognize. Just lack of experience makes me insecure on this issue but I’m gonna keep it up as “no harm no foul” I guess.

Got any photos? Honestly if they can take it, i bump up my numbers anyway. Slow and easy and when you see barely burnt tips then ease off a bit.

Pretty much what I’ve been doing. Just a little scared I might mess up. I’m just starting the 5th week of flower and don’t want to screw up this close to finish. I figure about 4/5 weeks from possible harvest and no real apparent issues so far (knock on wood).

Know ur ppms going in? And sounds like u have it tuned.

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I’ve been remiss on getting a tds meter, my bad. Do have an Apera ph20 and am religious about doing my pH testing before and after watering. Runoff is always about 6.7, going in at 6.5 ±.01