How much water when in solo cup

I am on day 7 in a solo cup. This will be my first real watering since seeding with the exception of a few sprits from a water bottle. Wanted to get a bit deeper watering for the bottom half of the soil. How much water do you recommend? Medium is FFHF.

I water all my seedlings and clones at their base for the first few weeks. You want the root to grow deep. I use an eyedropper for the first few weeks.

You should also soak the plant once a week.

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I was thinking about that too. How long you soak em for? Mine are in a Togo coffee cup with slips in the bottom.


It’s not how long, but thoroughly soaked. Water them to runoff once a week.

How to you water to run off if you are soaking from the base?

You don’t. Just soak them completely no matter how.

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Thanks mate.

I use Happy Frog soil and the first couple of weeks use about 3 oz. of water per solo cup. I don’t want to flush whatever nutes that are in there out too soon.

Between 14-20 days I’ll bump it up to 4-5 ounces per cup. Somewhere in that timeframe I’ll usually be watering almost every day……

For the record, my solo cups are the 18 oz. size.

This applies to photos. If doing autos in solo cups they will be transplanted to their final pots by the 10th day……

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U will get 15 diff answers because really not 1 person grows the same. Me on the other hand i soak my solo before bean goes in then i drop bean in and when cup is dry i do a slow soak again to saturate everything. Usually about once a week depending on the heat and humodity in ur area. After a couple good soak when i see the plant doing something i start to water only the edges of the solo cup not by the stalk at all. U want all around the plant to be wet and not so much at the plant so roots grow to the wet soil looking for food. Once first set of true leave touch or surpass the edges of the solo cup she is ready to be transplanted. I do the same here. Put solo cup where plant will be and backfill around the cup water it all nice and good to get it wet good a bit of drips wont hurt at this point. Let it set for 10 mins after u soak dirt pull solo cup out of the hole if u have great white or mykos sprinkle in hole and on roots and drop in the hole give a slight press to get the roots a slight gap here and there water around what u just put in like a cup worth of water not the root ball u just put in but dirt around it only so root ball is a bit drier than the soil ir planting in. This way u have wet fresh soil and the roots r gonna start to wanna grow into the new medium right away as the stuff its in is a slight bit drier. Hope this makes sense

Wish me luck…LSD feminized.