How long til we harvest?

I germinated this seed on July 16 and considered it a seedling two weeks later on July 30.

It is ILGM Sour Diesel Auto, growing in a 15 gal hydro setup using fox farm nutes. At this point, we should be in week12 from seedling. She is compact, VERY aromatic and a lot of sticky.

A lot of her pistils have gone yellow / brown, but trichomes still seem mostly clear, with the occasional cloudy or amber topped one.

I have done some LST, but have not aggressively trimmed low branches. I did FIM around about week 3-4 of veg. Even some of the low popcorn buds that showed up 2-3 weeks ago seem to have matured. What has worked for me was keeping wires on the sides to pull main colas over 45 degrees or so. I’ve gotten a lot of growth in the middle of the plant in the past month. I also rotate the plant 90-120 degrees every day. While my last complete flush was a few weeks ago, I have been slowly diluting down the hydro solution from around 1700 PPM to 1300 today.

As a newbie, I’m trying to understand how far away from harvest I might be. We want a really calming, mellow high from this. All for personal consumption.


Look for 95% pistils to be brown. Otherwise looks like you have a few weeks yet.