Newbie here. Is it soup yet?

Dear brain trust

Not sure if it is time to harvest yet or not. First timer
2x2 tent
Hydroponic set up
Sour Desiel autoflower
Started 4/1
Flowered in 8 weeks around 5-24
Pistils turned orange by 7/1
Can’t tell if it is ready yet
Tips of leaves turning orange
See pics
Appears trichomes maybe milky but what do I know
Any idea if I should be cutting and drying?

Can’t see anything helpful under the blurple light. Get some pics in plain light/flash.
Also more whole plant pictures

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Same as @HMGRWN said, except I’d like to add that they just don’t look mature. I’m aware it’s an auto and it matures and grows much faster, but I started a photoperiod not 3 days before yours and, switched the lights June 4th, and I still have a couple of weeks to go before harvest. Any flowering plant needs about 6 weeks of growth as a minimum, very rarely are plants done before then. As said, a picture in clear light will let us know, this is just my initial thoughts seeing this.

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I have a question. Do these autos look ready

It is a sativa dominant plant. Sour diesel. Hydro. Almost 9 weeks since flowering. Hope this is a better pic

A better pic I hope. About 9 weeks in sativa. Sour diesel. Hydro. Soup yet? I cut a few branches off last week to make sure I did not miss the sweet spot

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Oops. Pics here.


At 9 weeks of flowering it may be close but if 9 weeks is total it probably needs more time.
It’s hard to make a judgement call just by looking at pictures. Harder when purple light is shining on the plant.
What I look for is if all the white pistils have turned dark, whether there are some but they might be foxtails starting plus the condition of the leaves, buds and the whole plant overall.
After that, I like to see a magnified picture of the trichomes on the buds themselves. Are they cloudy or clear? Have they started turning amber yet?
What I would say about yours is they look under-developed. That may be due to not enough light or it may be they need more time.
Also that dark green, waxy look is probably too much nitrogen. Again, that may be due to the blurple light shining.

Looks like lots of sticky trichomes on there and even if it is chopped early, you would get something decent for your trouble.

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Plant is coming along good, I can see a little bit of Nitrogen excess in those leaves. We can’t tell anything for sure until you can get a magnified pic of the buds, where you can clearly see the trichome heads of the buds, like this

Some plants get done early, like mine that I just chopped at 7 weeks, and some can take as much as 10-11 weeks. It’s all genetics.

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Interesting. Just found this on the web. May have a couple of weeks to go

Flowering time: Indoors, Sour Diesel likes at least 70 days in bloom, with many cultivators pushing past 80 days.