How is This Grow?

Just getting in to this. Bought an Amazon kit, including a 43"x43" tent, Phlizon 2000 light, and some other stuff. Installed a Vivosun 4" inline fan and filter.

Put some seeds straight into the dirt 9/1 and a couple more 9/3

Banana Kush

Malibu Pie

Dark Plasma

I noticed last night that my light has been on 24/7, when I thought I had it set for 18/6. I fixed that mistake. I also ordered a HLG 260 rspec two days ago. Gonna switch the Phlizon to a ‘starter’ light and make a 2x2, so I can start others when these have a month to go. Like I said, all new to me, so any help is appreciated. I’ve kept the light 24" from plants, as per Phlizon’s instructions.


They look great! Welcome to the forum great people around to help you.

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Welcome to the community. There looking good and healthy

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Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community. Amazing people and knowledge here.

Are these all autos? If so, are you going to transplant them? You may want to be planning that as they will grow quickly. You do not want to stress autos in the veg phase as this will partially determine your harvest amount.

Looking good so far!

Keep us posted.

Looks like you’re off to a nice start, plants looking healthy.


They are all autos. I transplanted them into 5 gallon containers today.

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They look happy af, sincerely hombre, great name!

Oh snap… welcome 2 the forum and all that jazz!!

HLG 260 arrived today. Assembled it and hung it up. Got it about 24-26 inches from plants at half power.


Probably could get by with the fixture turned about 1/4 turn.



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