How does revegging effect the plants? Pros vs cons?

Looks like my early flowering outdoor Goldleaf, is revenging. It still looks healthy, I guess. We got a little hail so the leaves got battered a little bit too.

I’m curios as someone suggested me to take her out and replant. Is revegging negatively effect the plant, like less yield? This is my first time growing cannabis, but have been growing vegetables for 3 decades. I germinated the seeds inside in late Jan and had them under grow light, too long at times. So they went into flower stages about 4-5 weeks after I transplanted them outside in early Feb. They were progressing with flowering for over a month. Now I notice the pistols shrank back and little green leaves emerging from the colas.
Any suggestions? Should I leave them be or replant?

And the White Widow (all fem seeds), that midget one in photo above (from partial root rot that prob stunted it) that early flowered had turned to reveg as well.

The correct term is “little plant”.


Those were pretty far along.

I’d have to say reveg will lower yield simply because the plant won’t grow as large. It’ll spend half the summer going back before active growth appears.
I also assume the stress may increase the likelihood of turning into a hermaphrodite.

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Ah, thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for the male parts. Been looking for them twice a day. I ordered some autoflower seeds just in case to replant later. I’ll leave them be if they don’t turn hermis. It’s my first time growing them so it will be educational for me.