How do I rewire HLG lights to work with AC Infinity Controller 69?

@dbrn32, I also would find these controllers not worth the effort, even though the price on them is not bad. But I am retired with plenty time to spend in the grow room daily. If I was still working 60-70 hours a week, and spending days away from home. I would definitely be using some controllers.


I’m gone a lot, even so there’s just not anything I change frequently enough. Feeding is more of an issue for me and i just deal with it.


@dbrn32 I completely understand… All your points are extremely valid.

I try to automate my tents because:

  1. To leave time for the plant stuff… Watering, Feeding, pruning, LST, transplants, cleaning…
  2. Basement is very cold all year round… So i, especially after lights out, use my oil filled radiators… Then supplementing lights heat to reach my maximum vpd temps.
  3. A few years ago separated my spine at L3-L4 going up and down stairs is difficult.
  4. Currently putting off two brain MRIs due to cost…even with good health insurance… Hospitals find a way to try and bankrupt the sick. The automation has been helping on bad days.

It’s a lot of effort for three 4x4s… Veg(300L Bspec), flower(600Rspec), dry… And a 2x4 all purpose (350R). But it has helped me immensely…

Annnd I am only 51… I still have years of growing and puffin to do.

And only for me… I don’t know anyone else that puffs the reefer.
Wife helps trimming… That’s probably the hardest on my back.

I don’t automate irrigation… Figured if I went that route… I’d do hydros… I like using soil. Hydros are fun…totally looks like an awesome science experiment. Plus… My watering, feeding schedule is all good no reason to change up something I enjoy… Am getting an RO buddie… Will save as I spend approx $110 per grow on water.


My tents currently are spot on with vpd… Only have to add water to humidifiers occasionally. Dli I manually set with a meter… But would be nice to have the remote dimming.

The programming part… To take over for all the inkbird temp and humidity controllers I have running. One set per tent… Including dry.
Having it all in one place is also helpful.


@Ickey @dbrn32 @Sammys @Poseidon1 @Bobbydigital @Covertgrower @Nicky @kellydans @Caligurl (finally about to use my everclear… Making your gummy recipe)
I truly appreciate all your help with this and everything over the years I have been on here.

From you and bugbee… I have learned a ton… And used it wisely.


I didn’t know about the 75 nor the 79 thanks.

Has anyone got a link to the AC infinity splitter?

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Yeah I mean mine dim all the way to off with ac infinity, but it’s on a schedule as well so it knows when to turn off and dim itself down. For example it’ll go from power 5, to 4, to 3, to 2, to 1, to off or 0. I suppose it depends on the light.

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Love making FECO or QWET. It’s great, def recommend you get a distiller for it. Save some of that everclear. I too, have a great gummy recipe :))

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That’s a load for sure.

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You are very welcome my friend! If there is anything I did, that helps you it is my pleasure.
The AC Infinity website is a little overwhelming. If you have the time it is best to check out all of their products. This is a very impressive line up of quality grow products.

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@Sammys Care to share your gummy recipe?

Gummy ingredients:

3-5 ml FECO or a few grams of Kief decarbed, depending on strength you want (2-4 grams of kief)

8 ounce sugar + 2 ounces for extra sweet

8 ounce corn syrup

6 ounce water or Juice (recommended) ex. Hawaiian Punch

38 grams Knox gelatin

3 ounces of flavored gelatin like jolly rancher jello or starburst jello

Lorann oils (found on Amazon) 1 tsp or entire dram

Food color if you want extra coloring

Need a double broiler for making them or just a pot and a glass bowl that can fit over the pot.

  1. Fill 1/4th to half the pot with water and bring it to a boil

  2. While pot is coming to boil combine your liquid with Knox gelatin in the glass bowl/double boiler and mix it for 20 seconds then let it sit for 5 minutes so it blooms

  3. Once the water is boiling turn it down to medium and put the bloomed liquid and gelatin over the boiling water

  4. Mix it a bit and let it heat so it melts the bloomed gelatin and liquid then add sugar, corn syrup, sorbitol, and jello. Then mix it until it’s dissolved, make sure it’s mixed thoroughly, should take around 5-10 minutes

  5. Then lower the heat and add the FECO / decarbed kief. If it is decarbed kief mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or MCT OIL (recommended) then add it to pot. I usually use like 1-2 oz for little kief and 2-4 for more kief.

  6. Then mix for 2-3 minutes, turn the heat off and add the coloring (optional) + flavoring (Lorann oils) (not optional) unless you don’t care about flavor

  7. Then pour into your desired molds and let them sit in fridge 24 hours. After 24 hours take them out and pop out all gummies out of the molds and put them on parchment paper. Stand the gummies up and let them sit like that for 48 hours then lay them down for another 24 hours and they’re done! You can throw them in a ziploc bag with sugar if you want a sugar coating, if not, you’re done.

  8. Edible dosage calculator:

  9. If using kief your thc percentages vary from 40-70%, put that in the calculator for thc percentage based on the quality of your kief.

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Accomplished with only one 69P channel required.
CYCLE, Scheduled or Auto could control on/off and level of light.
AC-I Outlet controllers (75 or 79) do binary operation for multiple variable monitoring.
Two circuit independent programming control/.

This is a very impressive line up of quality grow products.

I divorced my mistress for AC-I product habit funding.


I am filling a Mason jar(1/2-2/3 full) as we speak with about 3/4 oz broken up Sticky Icky (Gorilla Glue #4 x Animal Cookies)… To decarb tomorrow or Tuesday.

I have a bunch of good buds to work with… Next is a BTY OG black peppery phenotype that I don’t care to puff… Not into peppery.

Then Fruity Pebbles OG, then Fritter Cookies.

Plan on doing a lot of baking if edibles are for me… Never tried edibles before… My GERD makes puffing… Well… Complicated.

How does eating edibles compare to smoking?
I usually puff almost all day long… Unless bored…and every day.

I plan to make your recipe and @Caligurl s recipe. Bought the weed leaf shaped gummy molds and all the equipment she listed to make them…


Make sure you make FECO or Qwet with everclear and a distiller to get some of it back.

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@Sammys Unfortunately don’t have the distiller yet… But if consuming edibles is my thing… I will definitely want to cut costs…

Can you recommend a distiller?

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Mophorn Countertop Water Distiller 750W Digital Panel Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller Purifier Filter 1.1Gal 4L Glass Container Perfect for Home Brewing&DIY Whiskey Wine Brandy Making, Red

I am unsure of how you’re making the edibles. But without a distiller it is a waste of money to just evaporate the everclear, imo.

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@Sammys For the first batches… I am evaporating the alcohol… After seeing how edibles affect me… I’ll decide if I will switch from smoking to eating my grow.

Everclear is pretty cheap and readily available at the grocery store near me…but if I continue… I will definitely buy one.

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I just spoke with AC Infinity customer support.

The splitter “should be out in about a month.”

The splitter is not as versatile as I hoped…

If you plug a splitter into… Say… Port 1…everything on that splitter is programmed as one device… Like if you have multiple lights with the same schedules…but if you want to add more devices and program them separately… It’s not possible… Bummer.

Also if you don’t get power to the 69 controller from a device like a exhaust system… You have to buy a power adapter which uses up a slot.

I have to rethink my plan… Was going to use my controller 67 for exhaust… Hoping to leave the 69 open for four different devices…
Flower tent was going to be:
Main light with dimming
On/off plug for UVA
On/off plug for humidifier
On/off plug for raxial 6" online intake vent fan for cooling or bringing in drier air when needed.

Main light dimming
Uva on regular light timer like it is now.
Then the humidifier and plug for intake.
Heater will stay on an inkbird or I’ll shift it to a 79 so I can adjust from app.

Would have been awesome if it were more like a USB splitter.