Which light should I choose

I have a 2*4 tent . Should I use the mars hydro sp3000 or the

Thx for the help

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I currently use the Marshydro line of lights, 2 years with them and I can’t say anything bad…Never heard of IONBOARD in the forum reads…but it has the current diodes

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I use the mars hydro TS3000 in my 4x4 tent and I have no complaints. Unfortunately I purchased it before the Samsung diodes but it still get the job done. Here is one cola on my current grow Gorilla Glue. :blush::v:


Those two lights are good but if you can swing it i would get a hlg350r diablo board. 3.11 umol/joule very efficient and assembled here in the states. Better customer service as well and comes with 5 yr warranty. Best of luck to you, they will all do good. The ac lights and mars are assembled in china, if that matters to you.

I’d like to have the hlg but the budget doesn’t let me . Ty all for the knowledge . .

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Just remember they will all do good. But the light is the very most important part. Hlg warranty is 2.5x longer too.


So with a 300$ budget what light would u choose . ? Thx bro

Tent with 24 or 33

Id save for the hlg. They had a refurb sale going but not sure if its still on. Refurbs only have 1 yr warranty. Dude code will save 10% atleast

Hlg is that much better than both ?

Again the other two are good. But imo hlg is king and the top bin diodes are patented with hlg and samsung.

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Or possibly the ts 3000. That cola looks fat in that pic

Ive got two of em in my 4x4, didnt wanna spend the money either but glad i did.

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I bought the hlg 300l v2 rspec for 319.00 3yr warranty. Hlg said this light was designed to replace the 600w hps. 4x4 veg coverage with a 3x3 flower coverage.


That pic . Their is no lst . U just let them grow naturally?

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Good advice right there if your committed to the 300.

Id say the HLG is where its at but personally i have 2 ts3000 marshydros in my veg tent (5×5)and 2 growers choice roi e 720 (4×8) for flower tent

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U don’t flower with the ts3000 bigcat

I do some lst in early veg and spread with a net. The net is in the pic. I would do more if i had the space to do so