Just picked up Refurb HLG 350r on sale!

I didnt know where else to put it but thanks to the people shouting about the sale. I just bought a 3x3 and am about to start my 2nd run and I had JUST got the Spider Farmer SE3000 and was very excited about using is as it was the best light i could get for my budget.

Well thanks to the sale and refurb I was able to pick up a 350r for about 10 dollars more than I paid for SF and from what i have researched i couldn’t have picked a much better light.

Needless to say, sending it back immediately! Even more excited about my Wedding Cake now and thank you guys for always helping each other out. I’m learning so much just from watching and reading.


are you keeping the 350r? I picked up one at the cannacon here on the 25th of September. They only had one. it was the 2023 model with Evo diodes. Bright AF. They gave me 60% off which is the only way I could afford it at the time. Absolutely love it, well Big Shurl does.


Yeah, im keeping the HLG, its what i wanted but couldnt afford $500+ for a new one, but with the sale i was able to get it in my price range. Basically the same as i paid for SF and seemed like a bigger upgrade. :grin:


I think my Wedding Cake plants will love it! Gonna sow them today. :grin:

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Thank you! I just started my first grow and wanted to learn in a 2x2 in Aug and already got another tent and all that. Im so excited, from what people say on this forum, i believe you. Im so excited for my plants and end product. Seems like next level stuff. :grin:

I have a meter in my wish list, thats an excellent idea. Thank you so much for your help and responses. Very useful. :grin:

Man i just saw they had a few refurbished ones on their website i want a 350r so bad for my 2×4 tent i love my hlg 200 diablo

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I feel very lucky i got the deal at the same time i neeeded a light and was totally reasonable. Im very excited to say the least. Lol

I snagged the 350r and the uv light. Couldn’t pass up the deal also!

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Nice! Congrats! :grin::+1: I agree. I saw and couldn’t resist.

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I bought about a year ago. I have two grows under it. It’s a beast. I love it. Just be careful about mid bud. I tried to follow dli and ppfd as best I could with tent buddy, and photone, and got a little foxtailing on both grows. There’s definitely a learning curve, but better than then under power. Here’s my OG kush on harvest day mixed in with wife’s house plants. Nice dense buds.


That looks beautiful. Wow! Another endorsement and it makes me even more excited. Lol Ill keep an eye out, thank you for the heads up.


Mine will be delivered here tomorrow! Crazy fast shipping. I’m in Tennessee so that helps.

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Mine has already shipped! Says by Wednesday, thats no joke. Ill take that. Im in Ohio.

I grabbed the HLG 30 UVA today. See what we can do…

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Very nice. Enjoy it, growmie! Let me know how you like it.

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3 350r peas in a pod we are.

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Tag me in blast

350r will be in house tomorrow SC

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Very nice! Congratulations on the addition. :grin: