How do I rewire HLG lights to work with AC Infinity Controller 69?

What HLG models can be rewired to be controlled by AC Infinity’s new controller? Controller 69 I think…

I have a 600Rspec, 300L Bspec, & 350R.

How do you do the rewiring? What parts are needed?
How much control do you achieve? On/off, dimming, DLI?

Take a look at this on their website. I think this will work if your light has a regular manual dimmer. This is actually a 0-100% signal. Using 0% output for off cycle, but it will give you full function of the light.

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It just occurred to me that if your light has a manual dimmer. The dimmer will just need to replaced with a J11 junction box.
I think @Sammys has done this. Let’s see if he will reply.


I appreciate the help…

Looked up your suggestion on ac Infinity’s website…

Had just found this… Was wondering if it could be rewired… I know the 600 and 300 are manual… Could not remember if the 350R was… It’s packed for the winter.

It would be nice to get rid of the inkbird humidity controller with my humidifier attached… And the light timer and dimmer as well controlled by the AC controller would be awesome!

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You can definitely do it. Super easy

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@Sammys Mind sharing a tutorial? Pics if possible.

Would truly like to streamline my system.



Yee give me 1 sec,

Firstly see if you can get the type-B adapter from AC infinity uis

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@Sammys I appreciate your help

I can get the type b adapter…(check)…(one for each light)

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They were sold out just a bit ago! I’m pretty sure I posted a tutorial for someone recently, let me link you that may be easier

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Any questions ask here


I truly appreciate it…

It seems my 600 is just like your setup… Mine is not setup until March… Too cold… Does the rj-12 connection only dim or can it turn it off and on as well.

My assumption is the rj-12 for dimming and the AC Infinity on/off plug for light timer function and for humidifier and my inline fan on my intake for cooling.

How many devices can be attached to the Controller 69 total?

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You’re fine with the rj11 for dimming and on/off. This is what I can do with mine.

Turns off and on at this schedule. And you can change the power of the on.

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Look at the max / min values at the bottom there.

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@Sammys Okay… So you set the high to what you want for dli… And low at 0 dims lights to off.

Unfortunately for my 300L Bspec… I don’t think the dimmer knob dims to off… So I may need the on/off power ac infinity adapter to turn it off/on then dim with rj12.

Do they sell the splitters listed in the controller 69’s manual for sale separately?

I didn’t see that on the website.

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What splitters do you mean?

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Try it without the on/off, mine doesn’t dim to off either. This turns it off though.


Controller 69 pro manual

Yeah you have to buy them separately I believe. I haven’t used them yet. Only 4 ports on the controller 69!

I do recommend you buy the Waco connectors though. I did use them. (If you wanna extend your rj11 port a bit.