Advice on 4x4 grow tent setup

Hey y’all, first time poster here. :raising_hand_woman:t2:

So I’m looking to upgrade from my 32x32 grow tent to a 4x4 for a little extra space. (Max size I’d be able to fit in apartment) and I was looking at the AC Infinity 4x4 complete kits. Figured I’d ask here before purchasing to see if anyone has experience with them.

I currently have a 32x32 tent setup I purchased from a friend. Two spider farmer SF1000’s with the basic vivosun carbon filter/fans and humidifier. Had taken everything down when I moved to new apartment but now getting back into it I’d like to upgrade.

I like the idea of the simplicity behind the ac infinity kit, would what’s included be sufficient for a run of say 4-5 autos? I do have the two SF1000’s if additional light was needed.

Any other recommendations would be considered as well.

Just got 20 of the GDP auto seeds from here, excited to get them in some soil. :blush:


I don’t have experience with kit specifically, but I just purchased a 4x8 AC infinity tent. I absolutely recommend buying anything AC INFINITY. It’s the 4th tent I’ve bought and is absolutely the quality and comes with excellent instructions and was packaged better than any other tent I’ve bought. You can’t go wrong with any of their products. BTW Welcome to ILGM forum :+1:


Appreciate the response! I’ve only ever used their fabric pots and like those a lot. Ive read a lot of good things about the quality of their products.

I’m most curious to know if someone can tell me wether the light that the 4x4 kit comes with is sufficient enough to properly fill a 4x4 space.


I believe @Newt just got one of their lights, but I’m not sure if it’s the same one that comes with 4x4 tent kit. He’ll see tag and possibly may be able to help.


:point_up_2: Agree 100% with this @Blazin. I just purchased their 2 x 4, exhaust, clip fans and controller. I’m not familiar with their lights, they are running top of the line diodes (Samsung) just the older version and have heard great things about them :love_you_gesture:


I got the AC Infinity Iongrid S22 as a 2nd light for my clone/veg/auto rent. I wanted to be able to grow an auto on one side of my 2x4. All I can say is that this light does very well for a 2x2 area. Assuming the light that comes with the tent is the S or T44, then yes, I believe it would be sufficient.


I didn’t read whole post but I got a 8x8 tent for 5$. (2) 3x3 for 15$. there is a over supply of them. you can find real good deals and the tents are new a lot of times, mine were. @Blazin


Great deal on those tents! I look at the used market and see two types of people. 1) I paid a lot for this and you should also 2) just take this stuff and get it out of my way.

Usually I am after one or two specific items in a lot and then give away the other stuff to family and grow friends.


I agree! thats what the honest guy who you could tell was done with the biz told me. he had so much and wanted to get rid of it. cheap cuz no one was buying. brand new hlg 300L Rspec for 100$


I’m still a new grower, super new to the online community and all the lingo. When you say used market, are we talking like FB marketplace, Craigslist, eBay? I hadn’t thought much about looking for pre owned, but I’m a pretty big fan of saving money.

I will say now that I’ve been diving into some of these threads on this forum I’m not so sure my original plan on the AC infinity 4x4 kit is still the move. Seems as though most would advise you throw the bulk of your cash at your light source. With around $1000-$1200 set aside to spend on this upgrade, maybe I just buy the 4x4 tent and invest the rest in a nice HLG light that would suit the space.

I already have fans/carbon filter/inline fans/ducting/humidifiers from my 32x32 tent.


How many hlg 300 for a 4x4 you think?

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@Blazin thats the same knowledge I gained. I was thinking the HLG 600rspec but didn’t know if this would be overkill


i think 2, to flower
Our HLG 300L Rspec® indoo

Power 30-250 Watts
Voltage Range 90-277 VAC
Flowering Footprint 2.5’ x 2.5’ or 3’ x 3’
Veg Footprint 4’ x 4’

Sounds like we’re in the same boat my friend. Trying to see what hlg most would recommend for a 4x4. It’s pretty clear hlg is the way to go from what I’m reading and the grows I’m seeing using said lights.

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@DukeHale so pay $758 for 2 300 or $699 for the 600 rspec?

I’m really considering the HLG 600rspec @Blazin but now I am considering just getting 2 300

for the tent 2 - 300. however look at refurbished and you can call HLG they have lights not updated on website

thing is you can’t really go wrong. if you wanted a in-between you could do the 350s. you know about the Bspec and Rspec? some are for veg only and some more for flower but overall you want a full spectrum light if you want to use for veg & flower… @Beginner3400

@Beginner3400 get on facebook marketplace and see if no one is selling them a bit cheaper. I got two HLG 100Rspec for 40$ and $60 on ebay

@DukeHale i will check I just like going through the actual company to make sure it has correct components

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