New light kit from HLG

Found this on HLG website, and couldn’t help but to ordered one. New 260 watt with two FR boards, on a triple size heat sink, and remote mount driver. It is hidden in the LED kits section of the website. With discount $251. A dollar per watt with FR at this size, petty sweet!

HLG 260 Rspec FR Pre-Assembled Kit is a 260W LED lamp and powered with our custom QB272 Quantum Boards®, an LED Module designed by Horticulture Lighting Group. Each board has Full Spectrum White LEDs, Deep Red 660nm LEDs, and Far Red 730nm LEDs. Extended cord allows for remote mounting of the driver.

Top Features

  • High efficiency custom QB272 Quantum Boards®
  • Reliable Passive-Cooled Design
  • Full Spectrum
  • Ideal for Flowering
  • Extended cord for remote driver mounting
  • External dimming
  • 120V Power Cord with Nema 5-15P Plug
  • 1 Year Warranty


Power 260 Watts
LED Full Spectrum White, Deep Red, & Blue
Flowering Footprint 2’ x 4’
Veg Footprint Not Recommended for Veg
Recommended Mounting Height At least 15” Above Canopy

@Ickey Congrats and good luck with the new light!!


Nice find💯

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Thanks, I presently have two small 2x3 tents. Recently upgraded one with a double Diablo kit, (same as a 350R), and it is running less than 50%. The new light will temporarily go in the other tent, and replace an older 130 watt light. In the near future I plan on getting a 5x5 tent, and using both lights in it. Anxious to give the light with the additional FR a try.

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Im like a kid at christmas when any new grow equipment arrives. Good buy. Ive never use HLG but i hear really good things about em. I did look at them when buying my current light but my wife loves reviews and since there wasnt alot of info about them she got nervous. ended up with a spider farm. Not that it upsets, it been a great light but Im going to seriously consider HLG for next light purchase.


I take it you will use other lights for vegetative stage or use it in a flowering tent.

You are correct my friend! I have a clone tent that does most of my veg. The only time I start small seedling in the larger tent is when I am playing around with a hydro grow.
It seems that I am always changing my grow technique, and the wife just doesn’t understand this at all. She thinks if I can pull 10-12 ounces out of a 2x3. I should leave well enough alone. But that is just not me.
I would like to move most of the grow to a 5x5 this winter or next fall. This would let me shut down the grow during the summers. This will allow us more time in the RV, and not need to worry about getting back home every week to care for the plants.
I have been growing contentiously since Nov. 2021. Really need to shut things down this summer, and do a good cleaning. Also need to get the exterminator in the house to do his thing. But I will say this, the more spider webs that I see in my garage the less bugs I see.

Nice find I just got an HLG light on sale too.good luck your grow.

Thanks, HLG just sent me a notice that it has shipped! They have great service and communications.
I guess, they are testing the waters with this pre-assembled kit and the FR.
What light did you get?

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I picked up the refurb Diablo Scorpion. It’s more than I wanted to spend, but I’m feeling it is going to worth the investment. I got in on a Black Friday special.

I will run this light in a 4x4 with 6 autos of ILGM Zkittlez

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@MoFo I use one in my 4x4 you will love it :v:


@JJ520 I have only heard good things about HLG so I am excited to see what this light can do.

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I noticed a big difference as soon as I replaced the old 130 watt 4k with the Diablo during veg. But I got a lot of stretch after the light flip. But to be fair, I was having trouble dialing in the correct light level, and it may have been due to plant genetics also. I have had Bruce Banner do that before, but not too this degree. This is the only plant that I have done under the Diablo.

It does grow on you.
I started Oct 2020 and was non stop till I bagged the last crop on 10/10- 2022. I recently started some Afghan and will grow only 2 plants. One in the 3x3 and another in an autopot in the closet. I am saving space in the closet to grow some lettuce this winter and start garden veggies & flowers when the time comes.
Do you travel with the RV or find a place and settle in for a bit?
We pull a small travel trailer. We cancelled all of our camping reservations last year.

We have a travel trailer also, and it is about 27 feet overall. It is a great camper for a couple. We started out moving from one location to another every two or three days. But after a year or so, the wife and I are dragging so much stuff with us. That it now works out best to set up and stay put somewhere for a week or so.
It is hard to get me out of the mountains in the summer. We have a few reservations in a great campground at The Smokey Mountains. One of them being for a month this spring, and this should give a good idea of long term RV life.
I often tell the wife that we need a bigger camper. So that I can convert the bunk bed area into a grow room. She just rolls her eyes at that suggestion.


I been looking at the light my self was going to buy the 260xl rspec for small area then i saw this one want to get looks great im sure its nice hlg so far never faild me i have the 650r and 260w bspec i had alot of stretch to when flipped but i also might have forgot what i had the light set at and was raised up a bit so that was my bad been only growing autos with it so far so but this last flip i haven’t i been hearing red can do that. But i been trying to search see if anyone knows anything about it but its so new nothing i contacted hlg

@dano13 welcome to the forum! I am very proud that your first post is to a thread of mine.
I am thinking that I read somewhere it is the red that causes the plant to stretch. But the Diablo has as much blue as it does red, so I am not sure.
My old 130 watt 3k and 4k both never had stretch like this before after the flip. But the plants never came close to doubling their height under those lights either.
Never the less I am very happy with the double Diablo. The colors that it is producing at the 7th week of flowering is amazing.
This brings up a good question, should I change to the new FR flowering light at the same that I flip the light, or wait a week or two before switching to it?

I just checked the HLG website, and they have dropped the price of this light to $249.
You know to use the discount code DUDE, don’t you.

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Book it Dano!! @dano13

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Yeah i have seen that they dropped it and yes on the code thank