High THC, auto vs photo, outdoor vs. indoor?

What is everybody’s recommendation for growing high THC plants outdoors vs. indoors? Trying to figure out what the best route to take is this summer. Looking at growing Runtz and Apple Fritter for some high THC plants from ILGM. I’ve grown both autos and photos of GSC extreme auto and Gold leaf photo both grown indoors with great results. This will be my fist time growing outdoors, I live in coastal Virginia so it gets very humid and hot during the summer. Looking for advice from some senior growers on outdoors vs. indoors and auto vs. photo for my climate, time of year, experience, etc. Thank you!


Heavy rain storms, extreme heat, wind storms, BUG infestations, these are all risk’s you’ll be less likely to have to deal with by growing indoors. I grow indoors and sure I’d love a much lower electric bill but dealing with all of those risk’s I listed above, I’ll stick with indoors.


I agree with that guy :point_up:


I’ve grown outdoors for a very long time.And grown indoors for 3yrs.Both have there advantages/disvantages.Outdoors the biggest issue (from NYS to SC) is /humidity/rain at the worst possible time.Budrot will wipeout the biggest plant in no time.But I believe your in a legal state.That can be a game changer.
Indoors I’ve learned that you can control most everything.
Indoors/outdoors I enjoy both.I can really tell the difference .If an outdoor grow makes the finish line the harvest can be huge.
Good luck outdoors


My vote goes to indoor grows who have all the parameters dialed in.

After all, you can manipulate mother nature indoors 365 days a year to grow without fighting bugs or violent weather.


Ive only grown outdoors so I’m biased and inexperienced in indoors so…? Like others have said above :point_up_2::point_up_2: :point_up_ Theres advantages and disadvantages to both…If your into it the only way to find out is to try it?..

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Best of both worlds is a Green House. You can control humidity, wind, bugs, heat cold and take advantage of sunlight. Be prepared to grow a lot bigger than indoors. I’m starting some runts now, I am going to split 2 outside in a small GH and do DWC and 4 large GH in self water buckets. My winter crop was indoors with Zkittlez, only problem I’m running into is short plants but big nugs. Branches can’t hold the weight so I constantly have to support. :sunglasses: :+1: Cat

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So true my brother…
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Yeah Ive been saying for years now I wanna try a GH or at least a screened in Outdoor grow…That I hope would cut down on my Caterpillar problem…I just get so lazy and time flys by too fast…Maybe someday soon?

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@AL_GREEN Stuff happens I know, I wanted to recycle as much as I could. Check out my Greenhouse build on the cheap, I’ve been building a little at a time for years. I grew a 11’ and 12’ Zkittlez in 5gal buckets last year. Its a 12x12, windows found on the side of the road, lumber from construction build scrap. You’ll get it. Ms. Cat says I’m cheap, I say frugal just doing my share to keep this stuff out of landfill. :v: :sunglasses: :+1: Nah I’m cheap. I’ve got a small GH that I can run 1 ~2 big DWC plants. This year I’m gonna do a auto water with happy frog soil in 5gal buckets. think of it as a combo soil/hydro set up I can never overwater. I can control my food from a cooler. Getting ready to start setting up follow along if ya want. :sunglasses:Cat


Thanks! Yeah I do remember reading your posts about that now that you mention it!.. Im getting ready for Round 1 very soon so I wont have enough time but maybe I can build a screened one for round two?..
I will follow your new set up!

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You can build one real fast and kinda cheap with 1" PVC and window screen that will help keep the caterpillars off. Capt. Jacks works good also. I had a plague of spider mites this winter and bought a butt load of lady bugs. All they do is eat, climb and procreate. Ordered them off Ebay, sounds kinda creepy but I like to catcha buzz and watch them chase each other.


If you have the ability to do both, that would be cool. I have thought the same as other indoor growers, dont have to worry bout all the conditions you cannot control outdoors, but I am going to try one outdoors this year and still do my indoor thing. I work at a glass company and we have crates our glass comes in and repurposed the wood to make this…

and the barrel we tried to grow taters in. Bottom fell out so that was cool

Made my own soil using leftovers and some new potting soil, earthworm casting, a little coco and some mater fertilizer. Will do my best and see waaassssuppp? about 40 gallons of soil total and the bottom of the raised planter is open too so she can grow into the ground if need be.


I’ve grown outdoors for years. It was a battle. Folks say outdoors grows bigger, not in my experience. But we have extreme weather, if my plants popped out of the dirt in Feb, by the time I harvest I’ve probably hit 100f once or twice.

We free range chickens so I have to keep netting around the plants or they take a dirt bath in the girls containers. I kept an old machine frame close so I could set it over the plants during a storm. Squirrels, deer, armadillo’s, dogs, cats, birds… they all love the smell of the soil I used outside. And the bane of farmers… caterpillars! Has to be in the hundreds I’ve killed.

Speaking of soil, we have a compost pile we use for our gardens and green house. A couple of times a year when doing light brush clean up, I burn a pile on top of the compost. Keep it turned with the tractor. That soil is fantastic. Started using it straight then switch to 50/50 with happy frog.

Mostly results were good, but I developed a bad habit of over planting. I planted more than I needed, calculating for losses. If I happen to harvest an abundance, I make concentrate.

Indoors has been shocking. My girls are loving staying a bit cooler, maxing out at 82f. They are the biggest ones I’ve ever seen at this age. Even with my outside super soil, coco and jacks is giving me bigger plants.

I came indoors for a variety of reasons, none of which had to do with growing better plants. But for me, in my location, my climate, indoors has been fugg’n awesome!!!

Pretty damn cool that I can do my girls maintenance while in my house coat and slippers. (Sounded better than saying in my “fruit of the looms”.)

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