Photos vs Autoflowers... real talk

As a new grower I would really like to know the pros and cons of autoflowers and photo period flowers from you experienced growers. Which one is better? does one produce more flowers than the other? which is easier to maintain? Does one have a better high than the other? Does one does better indoors than outdoors?? What is everyone’s experience??


This is a great entrance into a really deep rabit hole with a never-ending response of answers…
Im grabing some popcorn and set to watching…
I only grow photos and have never grown a auto , but i have friends that like to grow them…
But from all of the years that ive seen people grow them , i think it alwas gos back to the grower and experience and what your goals are that would determine which one you should grow …
For some reason , they seem to be more of a pain in the butt than photos…
Hopefully you get your answers…
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I have a strong preference for photoperiod plants because they can be vegged for as long as you want to get the sized plant you want. No ten inch tall, two hit autoflower plants. I like growing fewer, bigger plants and with photoperiod you can take as long as you want to get them the size and shape you want. Bigger yields from bigger plants.
Photoperiod plants can be cloned so if you have a plant you like you can take clones and continue to enjoy your smoke, and save money on seeds.

I like growing autoflowering plants outdoors because in Michigan harvest is always a race against freezing temperatures when growing photoperiod plants. With autoflowers the harvest can be in July or August or even early September when weather is still optimum. You have control over the timing.

If fast turn around is your goal, you can do photoperiod just as fast as autoflowers if you want, but once you get a stash built up quick turnaround isn’t important unless you are in the business. If quick turnaround is your goal the fastest turnaround is clones of quality stock.


Autos as a spot in the Cannabis grow world
But you will never go wrong growing photos. Just my thoughts good luck


I have to watch more videos on cloning, I had no idea that was even possible until I started growing.


I’m in a cold climate too hell we just a frost two nights ago!


We have frost warnings tonight and I have 4 autoflowers growing in my back yard, but they are tough and I’m sure they’ll survive.


You control photos, autos control you. The man benefit of growing photos is you have total control over qhen yhey flower and to correct any mess up younwill make as a new growwer. Autos have their pros but i wouldnt get into them.unless you have experience


Sorry for the spelling mistakes lmao

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Autos were marketed to beginners for a time, I bought in. Best move I’ve made is the switch to photos. Same lights,same environment I get better quality from photos.
IMO the best thing autos have going is they arnt a slave to the 12hr dark period…you can have light leaks up the wazoo and they don’t care


well it is an open discussion so what are the pros of autoflowers?


you know after reading everyones responses I’m glad I only got 5 of the blueberry autos, the rest of the seeds i got were the regular feminized ones. I’m not in any hurry so I will just enjoy all the new things I will learn with the photos!


Im sure there are some but im not the one who has a list of pros. Just cons lmao. I dont really grow autos cuz i think they are trash but thats just my opinion. Alot of people have success with autos but ive never tried them


My experience between Autos and Photos is as follows

If you want surprises then grow Auto’s
You can also get surprises from photos by always growing from seed
But if you want consistency or to repeat similar yields and same quality then grow clones from photos.


I grow photos because i can train as much as i want. With autos you have a very small window with which you can train. I too fell for the auto binge when i first started, but figured out rather quickly that photos were the way to go. As someone mentioned above , autos control you, you control photos.


No space for mother plant, only have 2x3 space available in rv. If this photo seed dont make it, what do we smoke? No stash.

Ilgm recommended banana kush autos as good yeilder. We grew 3 autos in 3 months. Crowded yes, but 12 zips in 3 months.

Can you produce 12 zips in 90 days? One photo seed in 90 days and 12 zips?

I lose one plant, got 2 more, you lose one, starting over.


This is one of the best pros for photos.
Cloning and/or re-veging photos can streach a single seed into pounds and pounds of bud for many grow cycles…

Here’s my current grow started from 1 seed and I have 6 plant’s from it now and I will be taking more cuttings to clone this weekend. I’d be happy to show you how I do it :grin:


For the most part, since they finish quicker, I like to throw an auto or 2 in my grow. They’re finicky sometimes since they have their own time line as far as when they start flowering. But I think of them like a little treat before the final harvest lol.


Theres actually very few “pros” imho.
I’ve grew many of both and theres lots of cons to them and I honestly can’t think of a pro for auto’s other then, they don’t care about lighting schedule and could be grew out in the open like a house plant and they will still flower…

They can maybe be a few weeks faster from seed to harvest then photos, but not always…


I have only ever grown autos. I have never experienced any on the 10 inch one hitters.

Why do only do Auto? Because I have never tried photos. Just kidding. I have one grow space inside for winter only in my garage. I have no want or need to move inside the house or wxpand my grow space.

I do grow outside during summer. My freinds who grow photos have elaborate control systems for humidity, temp, light, and all other enviormental controls. I am not suggesting all photos require that.

The pros for autos with me. Smaller, more resitant to mold and disease (i can not back that up, I just have been told), can handle cooler temperatures (assuming because of the russian genes) and they can be sort of cruise controlled.

I think of autos like insta pot or air fryer, i just sprout my seed and water when they are outside. A little tie down here or there and presto weed in 2 or three months. Repeat.

Photos, again I have no basis for this, seem like baking. More space required to clone, veg, and flower. (I heard most photo growers like a clone area, a mother plant area, a vegging tent, and a flower tent.)

I just have some pots in the back yard.

I grow autos simply because i started with them and they serve my purpose.

But i see you have two kinds of seeds. Grow bith and see what happens and what you like better.