Auto Vs Photoperiod

Hello growers !! Ive been growing autos for over a year now with mix results. From little 1oz plants, to plants that produce major buds but never really powerful. Im now growing 2 photos now in hopes that I will have better smoke. Any input on autos being not so good ? Thanks and happy growing .


They are better for growers with a lot of experience with them, and you take what you get. We’ve seen plenty of very small flowering autos with but one bud on them.

Autos are hard to train, can be more sensitive to nutes (easier to burn,) and are in general very twitchy.

You’ll be much happier growing photos.


You will enjoy growing your photo plants , Much more forgiven. AUTOS have a spot in the cannabis grow world. As @MidwestGuy mentioned They can be a little finicky.


For sure Autos have a spot in the cannabis grow world, if not for them I maybe not growing now. I shouldve been more clear of my wording, Do you think photos maybe more potent than auto flower. Seems like I can`t get that high on my auto flowers like my store bought weed.


I Have grown some good autos, blueberry an northern light pretty potent.


I grow both and the answer is strain dependent. I’ve tested autos as high as 29% and photos as low as 18-19% THC :love_you_gesture:


Autos are to unpredictable if not at least f5 genetics from my experience.
I still grow them because i went nuts buying seeds, but I will now only by stable autoflowers genetics no matter how tempting an add looks, if its not f5 or better I don’t want it.

Photos I dont worry so much about because If i get a good one I re-veg it and keep it so the fast growth and more phenotypes from f1 seeds are fine. Thats not an option for autoflowers. Photos never flower small obviously thats another benefit.

I focus more on Photos now sticking autos in empty spaces, but if i was going pick one it would be Photos all day…


Autos generally are less thc than photos @WeedMaster. Unfortunately they yield less. Sometimes a lot less than photos. I only grow one if I need a quick turnaround nowadays. They do have their place though and I have a bunch of strains seeds just in case.

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I myself don’t grow auto’s… but…
I have a friend who grows auto’s and i would always make fun of how shitty his plant’s would look most of the time when i would go over there and it always seemed like there was always some issues going on with his plant’s…
I really never payed much attention to his situation because he usually doesn’t listen to me anyway… ssssoooooooooo…
Finally are started asking him about all of his issues and it always went back to him trying to do something tricky to get the most out of his plants , like dicking with his lighting 24 + hours and either some crazy feed schedule and all kinds of nonsense to get the plant to perform and god forbid you accidentally brush up against it and cause it to hermi out… lol :grin: :smile: :joy: :rofl:
I said simply , have you thought about just treating it like a normal plant and see what happens…
He never looked back and now he basically has no issues with his auto’s and has really good weed…
He runs a normal 18 on and 6 off for vegg as long as he can and then will change his lights to a 12 on 12 off schedule 2 weeks after he sees buttons and a mild feeding program and no issues and he even applies (LST) and no issues…
I think its because people here all of this bs about how you should grow auto’s and they really just need a basic understanding that its still just a plant that really only needs the basics to be able to thrive…
Sometimes , just because you can do something…
Dosen’t necessarily mean you shoud do something…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:


I grow mostly photoperiod because I like the control and ability to veg a plant to the size I want before flowering.

If I do grow auto flower plants it is for outdoor grows so I can plan for the plant to finish in august instead of sweating out my photoperiod plants that always race against freezing weather in October here in Michigan.


I like growing photos not only becaude of yield, but for the forgiveness of stress training and better recovery from mistakes.


I moved to my first photoperiod 2 grows ago and became a believer “Easier” to grow and denser nugs .

I grow both now and even at the same time in the same tent. Win win