Indoor/ outdoor which is best

I have some w.w. That have been growing under lights. Would love to move outside mmso I don’t have the electrical grid to deal with.b but I’m new to autos ! Can I take them to the outside sun and leave em? I mean a/f does mean that they are gonna bud on time regardless of the number of hours in the sun. Like 18-6 veg. And 12-12 for flowering. Just wanted to check with people who are in the know about this . Any feedback would be appreciated Caveman68th

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Sure you can, just keep in mind you may have to harden them off, throwing them in direct sun might be to much for them.

Yes you are correct, autos will flower regardless of light schedule. Nutrient requirements will increase will higher amount of light.

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Autos, imho, are better outdoor plants than photos. Most people I know use autos outdoors - I mean they use them indoors as well, but most outgdoor grows I see are autos. I actually have 2 photos and 1 auto outside right now. Same thing here - I’m just looking to reduce electricity (PG&E is crazy expensive!)

Thank ye 101! I have been trying to get this right for two years. I have the set-up inside. But I just feel like real sun, water, will always be abletree with real sun! Living in an illegal state sux. What would suggest a poor country boy to use for finishing the buds? I’ve read doo soo many different opinions on what’s best to feed in the bud stage. Tryin to stay organic, bone meal, blood meal, Epsom salt? Just wanted it to be all it can be! Lol thanks Caligurl

With photos outdoor you can preveg a month or so before you think the last frost will be. Throw them in the ground once you know it’ll be safe. Now they have a 1-2 month head start. This is the only way to grow absolute monster plants. Unless you have an industrial setting, then this isn’t an efficient turn around period anyway, so… lol. But if you want to take advantage of the wonderful sun moving across the sky for free while in a free living soil while producing monsters larger than anything found in a tent, that’s the way to do it. There are threads on this forum with outdoor guys having stems thicker than a Bic length wise. 4-5"+. That’s how they do that. Head start indoors then plant out. I would do that if I had a good location for it.

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