Outdoor vs Indoor Observations

Good evening everyone just had a question about something I’ve noticed lately. I’m sure everyone has a preference and obviously my talking point here is not referring to all grows but something I typically see.

My question or observation seems to be that outdoor grows “typically” seem to not be as effective as indoor. What I mean is I browse this group all day and night. I see plants with huge colas and amazing looking shape and size with “most” indoor grows. When I look at “most” outdoor grows I notice the plants are super long and have less branches and smaller buds and overall do not look as hearty I guess is the word
Even my own attempt to do outdoor grow was so bad I moved it inside, I noticed it stretching like crazy and then there is the pest issues etc.

My question is if you prefer out door grows why is that? Also am I wrong in my assumption or in what I’ve seen? I am new to this and trying to digest as much as I can.
I get outdoor grows are cheaper but it just seems inside is the way to go :person_shrugging:

Thanks in advance and this isn’t meant to be a one grow is superior to another I’m just generally curious about what I’ve seen. Also I have seen giant outdoor grow plants with literal pounds on one plant but that doesn’t seem “typical”


I grew some gg4 outdoors that gave a lb per plant but humidity and bugs were horrible and the mold and bud rot. For outdoor i like og lemon haze autos they finish before the humidity gets bad and bugs dont seem to prefer this plant. The buds more resembled cedar tree foliage. The smoke was great and the lemony smell around the house was awsome. Nots: these were all grown in coco and watered every day with jacks. This year i put some aurora indica straight into the ground and havnt touched them and theyre still growing. Also put an auto tsunami in the ground and it is flowering and the cola is building up. If they make it great if not thats fine too. Just my personal experience with outside. Imop indoor is better,; larger yields without the problems and buds havebetter structure with dependable consistant lighting


That’s the bad part. Along with rainy weather making bud rot before it’s done. I always have at least one plant growing indoor, but all the free space, free light etc outside is hard to pass up. That being said, next year I’m only doing autos outdoor so they finish while it’s still summer.


The other issue outdoors may be that you might not be keeping up with the pruning fertilizing and training like indoors. I’ve got out doors plants that hold moisture after heavy rain if I don’t go out right after the rain and shake it off. My tent (photo plants) grow is pruned and trained with loads if buds. Outside , the photos are just starting to show pre-flowers, and I’ve only de-foliated one time.


Then there is the outside issue of using moveable pots which limit plant size vs. permanent planting in ground where the plant can grow much larger. But this all depends on genetics weather and soil.


There’s still something to be said for the experience of growing massive beauties outdoors in their natural environment. If your a gardener by hobby there’s not much more of a delight then to see these gorgeous ladies blending into your scape and the amazing scents wafting throughout your space. It’s tranquil. And did I mention you can grow mad amounts even with some minor losses lol??! It’s not all bad.


I don’t prune my outdoor plants with the exception of any leaves that are down in the soil or affect my ability to water.
I use living soil with Earth Dust so fertilizer isn’t an issue. Just water every day and watch for pests.


Honestly the whole trick to outdoor, regardless of technique, is finding a strain that works for the outdoor where you live. I am ruthless with selection. What I mean is that the plant works consistently to reliably flower despite your local weather conditions. Be that heat and drought, rain, snow, cloudiness, fog whatever. I live near Seattle and morning dew is a big-time problem from the high relative humidity. Even on clear sky days that our RH can be as high as 100% at sunrise… Very few strains like that when they go budding. I have tried hundreds of pedigree strains over 20 years from different banks. Most don’t finish despite how pretty they grow all summer.

I have just a few that I call old reliable. My jillybean, Durbin poison, and surprisingly DJ short blueberry. These will all reliably flower even if I did nothing to them except get them out by the solstice. They always finish and they never get to moldy. The best part of outdoor is the weight over pounds on outdoor plants. In a way you just can’t get indoor unless you’re like commercially dedicated to the grow. I’ve had some outdoor plants clear 10 pounds of top colas. I admit the average yield nowadays is like a pound to 2 pounds because my wife doesn’t let me grow as big anymore with kids. I put up enough pounds for the whole year and to allow me to do bud hungry experiments like cooking and extracting. And of course the local Washington politics on legalization but that’s a whole other talk than this.

It’s about dialing in your strain, more than your technique.:point_left:
Jillybean outdoor 2021:

Dj short blueberry outdoor 2021:

In the rain:


Thanks everyone for the replies. It makes sense to have ones that will work in your area. I’m hoping to try another outdoor grow at some point but my indoor so far has been going great I’m kind of sticking with what works since I’m new. I was just curious on people’s opinions and thoughts on outdoor growing :slight_smile:


Its free, the sun. And where I live it is pretty potent 330 days a year. What @Fieldofdreams and @noddykitty1 said for sure. The pics you site about longer plants with smaller buds, well that is a product of the season. Check in around sept-oct with @nmgeo @Dforce @Twelve1 @W.B.elpaso @plumbdand @Nip and many more. You might change your opinion.


This was taken last August there 2 plants in there. They were harvested late October and early November I got a little over 8lbs of dreid cured bud. It had colas longer and fatter than your arm.


You are so lucky! :green_heart:


How sweet is that?!?!
By that time my climate is. Cold :cold_face:


Outdoor blue dream last season. It wasnt the only one either. :flushed: FYI that was the biggest buds ive ever grown. AZ sunshine for the win.


2 LA Confidentials about 5 lbs last summer. It can be a different plant outdoors. I grow both indoor and out, I personally love outdoors myself, but has it’s own challenges as well.


To put it simply, as with all real estate, location location location.
I don’t grow outdoors for several reasons:
It’s Illegal
Bugs and critters
Growing season - by the time it would start to flower, the remaining growing season and the sun’s intensity is insufficient to produce solid dense buds. To induce it to flower earlier takes more effort than it is worth.


That’s just beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:


My 2 problems right there. Next year I will do autos only outside

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AZ is the best right?!?! Only 3 months outta the year is it not nice here, and its because of the monsoon, not the heat.


Its 98 at 11 am! Not exactly the best. But its pretty good. Were i live its only over 100 for a week or two.