Autoflowers outside grow

Ok , so I grew blue dream auto’s outside and they did very well indeed
However I must ask about the BIG difference in Flowers from what I see from inside grows vs outdoors like mine
Photoperiod plants have that distinctive flower look that we all know and love but the auto’s are completely different.
The buds are way looser on the outdoor grow and don’t look anythink like the Silver haze Fems that I also have
My auto’s are very frosty but don’t resemble A true nicely packed bud like a fem
Is this the same for everyone?
I watch as people grow auto’s indoors and the buds are all tight and large
This isn’t the case for outdoors…why?


From my experience with autos some but not all strains do tend to have fluffy buds indoor or outdoor. @Deepsix an @OGIncognito grow alot of autos
Good luck :v::+1:


Appreciate the tag @kellydans and my results as well. I’ve had a few autos that were airy and light, some 50/50 and a few that resembled photo period density. Sativas will naturally be a little less dense than Indicas for both autos and photo periods. Overall I would say my autos have been around 60% dense with some airiness. One thing that doesn’t change is the buzz… it’s the same regardless of bud structure :love_you_gesture:


Well said My friend !

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Thank you for the tag @kellydans. Like @OGIncognito said, I have had some autos that where airy and some that where dense. IMO it depends on your grow environment lighting, training and strain etc. My grow That I just harvested is a prime example, 4 autos 2 ILGM Jack Herer and 2 ILGM Bubbles in a 3x3x6 tent. Both Jack Herer were very airy and both Bubble Gum were 60% dense. It could have been from overcrowding in the tent even though I rotated the plants everyday, but not sure. But I grow indoors being I’m in a Illegal state.