Hey guys I was looking for nutrients and these are the ones I can get my hands on

Hey I’m living in a country where cannabis might get legalised soon and these are the fertilizers I can get my hands on. I’m looking for dry fertilizers and would like yall to have a look and tell me the best fertilizers for my plants. Thank you

1.) Bloombuddy organic grow booster

2.) Bloombuddy all purpose plant feed

And these NPK fertilizers



Also I’m planning on growing half my plants in Coco coir pearlite mix and half in soil.
For the Coco coir mix do I need additional calcium and magnesium nutrients? Or is the one in the fertilizers enough?

Also I can get cow manure, vermicompost and bone meal.

So which do you think would be a good fertilizer or a mix of fertilizers for the plants?

And about pesticide control. Should I start applying pesticides before I see pests or only after I see the pests?
Should I use these for pest control?

1.) Pure neem oil


And when do I use fungicide? Should I use as a precaution or only after I spot fungus?

Thank you

In coco you most definitely will need calmag supplement. I go heavy as well every feeding 5ml. For pest control, you want to use other forms of control and only apply a product when a population is present. Check leaves daily with a scope. Keep top layer of soil dry to make it less ideal for pest. Remove any decaying material (dead leaves) and keep interior of plant clean so air can flow freely. I’d use sticky traps as a preventative as well as an aid in pest identification. This is a great way to start and you can build on it later. The earlier you catch an infestation the easier it will be to eradicate

Hi thanks for your reply. I was really confused about the pesticide thing and now it’s clearer.
But still a little confused about the fertilizers.

1.) As I can’t get my hands on calmag. Can I use calcium nitrate supplement and Epsom salt (magnesium supplement) for the plant. And how much quantity would I have to use.

2.) Can you please review all the fertilizers I’ve mentioned above and suggest the best one for me to be using?

And at what age of the plant should I start with the fertilizers?

Thank you

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I can recommend these products, if you can find the terra version for soil. Coco version will work in soil too if that’s all you can get. When to use nutrients is based off of what type of medium you’ll be growing in. If you use coco, you’ll feed right away, if you grow in soil that has some nutrients in it, you may not need to feed for almost a month.