Choices of fertilizer

Hi again folks,

I could use some info for fertilizer. I’m using the organic pro-mix for my soil. For gardens in the past I’ve gotten about 1/5 of a five gallon bucket of cow or horse manure in a five gallon pail and kept adding water to it when it got low. Once it thinned out I would repeat. My garden loved it. The best ever. I’m guessing that indoors I probably want to be more consistent with the strength of nitrogen and phosphorus in the fertilizer. Any thoughts or ideas? I’ve also just added some manure on top of tomatoes in five gallon buckets and just watered them which also worked great but we’re also outside.

There are so many different fertilizers and opinions on what’s best.

Thank you once again.

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It’s different in pot then in ground the ground it’s got somewhere to go it pot not so much just keep that in mind

That’s why I’m a bit scared to just give them too many nutrients by not knowing exactly how much I’m giving them, with a different concentration each time I fertilize as well. There seem to be a ton of options I’ve found in the little I’ve read on here. I just don’t want to turn this into rocket science or a chemistry class. Growing is supposed to be enjoyable, at least in my opinion, as well as getting a harvest.

Thanks for the input.

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If growing organic you want to feed soil instead i would take water off of manure take about half pint mix with 5gal water little goes long way i use compost and worm casting i add about 3inch of it right after flipping lights to feed soil

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The thing is, different nutrients are needed that aren’t available in cow manure. It has N but plant needs P and K which would mean a more complex blend of organic sources. Typically composted chicken manure for N, insectivore bat guano for K and fruit bat guano for P. (IIRC)

It is very easy to overdo it and burn or retard your plants. This is why high quality water soluble nutrient lines are available as you can dose very precisely. If you are new to indoor cannabis I’d strongly recommend using something like Jack’s or General Hydroponics while using a decent PH and TDS meter to dose correctly.