Need some help with creating soil

All right here’s my question. I have Pro mix soil with nothing added in it I got cow manure and compost. My goal is to plant my ladies in it doesn’t have to be perfect but a nice home for him with no nutrients. I want to add all these nutrients myself so I know exactly what it’s getting. But I also know that you have to add microbes and all this other stuff into it and honestly I’m giving myself a headache today research in it so I figured I’m just going to reach out and see if someone could help me achieve my goal. I appreciate it

Be careful with the cow manure its extremely high in nitrogen and can kill plants fast if too much is used

Peat humus and mushroom manure are other inexpensive options you may want to look into

There’s a lot more to building a good cannabis friendly soil than throwing some manure in. The native PH of the medium needs to be adjusted to fit in range for cannabis and do it in a way that is not too harsh on smaller plants. Different manures/guanos provide different nutrients as do additives like bone meal. Most of this research has been done when you buy a good commercial soil.

Personally I would not waste the effort as you will likely end up with sub-optimal results.


The thing about trying to make a cannabis soil is the change of nutrient needs once it starts flowering.
At the start of flowering the plant begins to want more P&K and eventually less N. It is why Fox Farms Happy Frog and Ocean Forest are such popular items. They feed for 4 to 6 weeks and then they begin to run out of food about the time the nutrient needs change. Its perfect because now you can change the nutrient feeding to a PK heavy solution.
Now before I get slaughtered I will say there are some makers of “Super Soils” that have mixes that claim a water only all the way through. And they do work, but not always. This cannabis plant can be picky. Side by side two plants can want slightly different food. Soil companies are looking for exactly what you are trying to do. A mix that grows plants without a lot of effort and feeding needs for the duration. Not a lot of success in that area yet. Grow Dots are the latest effort to provide changing nutrient needs and they seem to have some success. But time will tell.

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Well stated Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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This answers that question to my satisfaction


That’s what i thought. This bag that I’m using is .05-.05-.05 NPK. Unless I’m missing something which can be a very common thing.