Hermorphidite White Widow auto

This WW auto went haywire.Not complaining,just showing what it looks like. Fortunately this plant was alone and did not pollinate my whole grow.Is there any way to reverse this.

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If they were bananas on the flowers you could just pick them off. I see a pollen sac near one of the nodes, and another that appears to have opened up and released pollen.

Is that pollen from that open sac on your leaves or have you dusted for something?

Sorry to see this. I’ve had a couple of them myself.


Thats pollen,This is kinda for informational purposes.Trying to upload more pics,have to figure i=out how to resize them.


Great pictures, I have often wondered just how much pollen is released when this happens. Going by those pictures it’s a proper disaster if that gets in among the rest of the crop. Thank you for sharing.