Help! Has my Auto gone hermie?

I’m a newb and this is only my third grow w/ autos. This girl pictured is a White Widow auto from ILGM she’s about 34 days young. On one my thorough inspections I noticed these little pods. They baffle me! Neither round nor nanner shaped, no hairs and super tiny. They are only found in two locations right now.
I’d be grateful for any input or insight offered. I’ll give specs if needed, but she is super healthy otherwise. Indoor grow environment w/ out any large temp fluctuations.
Thanks in advance!

Yup. That’s male, doesn’t look female at all. So I wouldn’t call it a hermie. Even feminized seeds can produce male plants.


Male flowers for sure. Do the tops look the same also? As a silver lining, you can use it to get auto seeds if you have an auto female in flower. Isolate it and let it flower all the way and harvest the pollen in a plastic bag.


Thank you! Here’s the rest of her. I’m pretty sure it’s at least partially female :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for the input! I suspected they might be male parts, but they aren’t near the top at all. I found quite a few and plucked them off with tweezers as kind of a Hail Mary, but I got paranoid that I was looking at tiny leaf buds or enlarged female parts. They are growing right off the branch and in a bunch of two. I dissected one away from the grow space and found a tiny green seed/ball inside? I thought that the chances of a hermie in autos was relatively rare?

Hermies in any feminized plant is not that uncommon. Even feminized autos. You can try and pluck off the male parts and hopefully no others will spring up. If they do continue to spring up, you’re fighting an uphill battle.


Thanks for chiming in @BobbyDigital . :+1:t2:
@bertbot , you will probably want to do a thorough cleaning of your tent/grow area after this plant is done to avoid any stray male pollen
Hopefully you will be able to stay ahead of the little hermie balls but at least any seeds will be auto WW just not fem.

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