Late Flower Hermie?

Hey guys, did these plants just hermie on me? plants are toward the end of their growth, however, I noticed these, what look like pollen sacs within the bud of the plants.

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I see an open calyx, but no bananas.


I’m not the definitive expert but that photo on it’s own I’d say no. Just looks like a folded or puckered bud… I had a plant that had a bunch of those and was 100% female. Am smoking it now.

Are there any more examples anywhere else on the plant?

Yep, she did hermie on me, just found this seed within a bud… but doesn’t seem like there are any more… should i harvest her? she was about to start getting flushed before harvest Is she still worth smoking?

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Let her ride out and finish up… yes worth smoking as long as you don’t mind picking seeds.


I’m with @BigItch Finished the plant up , might be the only seed you find.


Nice, thought i lost them. Cheers guys


Now i also found a seed in this lady, seems like my whole grow got pollinated :frowning: … she still has a couple of weeks to go… should i harvest as is? Or keep her for the whole run? Will her white pistills still turn amber?

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Great colors in her!! Don’t give up on her!! :+1:t2::heart_eyes:

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I have a GSCE AF doing the same its crazy alomost like the pictures on the seed catalog,

I’ve yet to see any auto flower that doesn’t herm at the end. It’s kinda the dirty little secret nobody wants to talk about. I’ve grown them indoors and outdoors and they always herm, always.

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Yes pistols will still turn orange and finish like normal man, looking nice tho keep up the good work :smiley:

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Let it ride keep it going no point in pulling her out now

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So if they all herm at the end then what happens to photos a tad behind ?

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That’s why most grow photos, they don’t have this issue as bad.

Thanks guys rly put my mind at ease hehe… looking forward to the harvest :slight_smile:

You will get pollen sac looking things on females there where the female tentacles come out the two in the begining looking for pollen sorry i forget the name but watch them next time i believe thats what your looking for if it hermied it did ling ago and u missed it if no seeds your golden brother good luck n just sit back n watch do your inspections once in a while keep em happy n they pay u back ten fold lol

Always?? That’s interesting nobody has commented…LOL!!;>
Must be a dirty little secret for sure!!
My auto has been growing since feb 12th and is doing weird things. Any thoughts on this statement ,? @Graysin ?


I feel like that statement is false, as I’ve had several autos who didn’t herm. Autoflowers don’t always herm - it may be a result of grow style or environment or both. Genetics likely play a role - but that’s also the same user who said to only grow autos on 24-0 or 20-4, so I don’t really put any stock into that opinion.

Your plant has some weirdness going on, sure, but without pics idk how we’ll best be able to advise because I don’t know what “it” is that’s goin’ on.


I’m working on those pics ! I’m in the middle of paint prepping rt now. Yippy !!

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