Dude! Get outta my tent

Wahhh :cry:

Only on the one plant of four and only at that node. The other pre-flowers are looking very girlie. I’m assuming this one needs to go ASAP though.

I don’t think it was stress. These plants were living the easy life.

  • White Widow fem auto from ILGM
  • Seeds popped Oct 1
  • Started in FFHF then transplanted to half-n-half with FFOF about a week ago
  • No nutes yet, just pH water
  • SF2000 LED at about 16"
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Feminized seeds are like 999/1000 fem. Are there female flowers too?

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@KeystoneCops Nothing really flowering yet. So far every other node is sporting white whisker pre-flowers so it is looking otherwise fem. Had I not turned the pot around I would have never noticed these two.

You could chance it, and pluck them off. Some cultivars are just prone to growing a few male flowers at the lower nodes. I haven’t heard of WW doing that, but that’s not saying much.


OK then. I’ll try that for a while and see what happens.

Looks like mannabis!