Can anyone tell---

How much longer before I harvest this- apparently an auto flower got mixed In with my fem seeds- and she’s been budding for a few weeks now- anyone ??? Thanks

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Just because one plant starts flowering prior to others doesn’t make it an autoflower. Different strains or even different phenotypes of same strain can flower at different times.

I would say these have a while to go yet. More importantly than that, looks like you may have some bud rot in last pic. I would inspect plant closely and remove if that’s so.


Oh ~ I didn’t know that. Cause this one seemed a week after I topped it , it was flowering and the others just started about a week and a half ago. Thank you for that tip…
Also, yes there was a little rot - we’ve been getting hammered with storms I have a bamboo top and fence that I’ve put up. I took out the pieces that were rotted, with a long pair of tweezers, I’ll keep an eye on that one.
And thank you again, cause I didn’t order any autos this time I got all white widow- and these were healthy seeds… Thanks again

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This one seemed
… To flower right after I topped it

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Stress can induce flowering on photoperiod plants too. Especially in outdoor setting when light periods are declining. Maybe that is what happened and wasn’t related to genetics at all.


Yeah I don’t know - it started flowering awhile ago, back in July. It acts like the autos that I grew last year. I purchased the seeds through here. All white widow… and right after I topped them.- this one started flowering… Weird cause the others were no where near flowering- they just started to flower 2 wks ago. And they are tall. The other that’s flowering is only about 3 ft… I’m watching it closely. I appreciate your advice…thank you