Day 48.
I know exactly what day I am on! But, no clue what week!!! Any guesses??? Should i start the booster? Do I leave all the leaves??

Please help me!!
I am running out of room! I did not know auto got this tall!
Thank you all!!!

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Yea we usually LST them to keep them a little squatter but you’re at week 7 and roughly 1 week into flower I doubt they’ll get any taller but next time you may want to lower your light closer so they don’t stretch quite so much but definitely get them on early flower feeding looking healthy too

I have had to raise it every other day! The tallest one had went passed it!
Should i move her aside and have the other two under more??.
So I need to stick to my day and just keeping going from here?

Nah your positioning is great imo you may want to rotate them every time you water to make it a little more even otherwise keep up the good work ( I always have to jigsaw my girls to fit my closet)I wouldn’t start fretting unless you see any light bleaching(not on the very tips tho)believe it or not but that close one is 24 inches tall

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Have you thought about super cropping the tallest of them? Its not to late if ya hurry.


this is only my 2nd try.the first one was horrific!! dead grass on my lawn was probably better than that. im baby stepping

WOW! those are beautiful!! are those WWA?

Nah they’re 4 different strains top left green crack, bottom left devil cream, top right bubblegum, bottom right blue dreamatic but that devil cream is so cool with its black hole buds where they re naturally dark purple

that’s awesome! I’m trying but its hard to start out. how are all those strains?? I have never had real good smoke!
I know this is silly but could you private message me if you don’t mind. nothing weird or anything, just needing a lot of advise. I love posting here but I only get a few responses. if you are not to busy to help me that would be great. I will not annoy you lol!

Ive only had ilgm zkittle(energetic smiling high and super smooth) and Jack herer (amplifier great movie high but the pine Terps make it a lil harsh) heres a pro tip rub a stem against your fingers and smell them to get a bitter version of the end game Terps

I don’t think we can PM but if you have any questions feel free to ask I find all autos grow more or less exactly the same if you have your fert schedule down( also your active during the dead period where most us are asleep but I have a graveyard shift job)

However it will work is great with me! Can’t I @ a user? If so that will help maybe, you respond quickly and that is so helpful!!! :blush:

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Totally did not read all that… my apologies!! That’s very true!! I’m prepping myself for 3/12 nights

Those two are White widow auto. I have 8 autos in my 2x4 tent killing it. Trained and super cropped

I am on this forum a bunch as well. Hit me up like this @Axemanjake23 and I will try to help. I have a few years under my belt growing and a year or so on this site. I grow 100% organic now but use to use bottled nutes so I am familiar with that style of growing as well. The @GreenSnek is pretty slick too.


Absolutely!!! Thank you!! Those look amazing!
I’ll never be able to do that!! Maybe when I have a few years under mine. Im just gonna tag y’all both the more the better! I hope you don’t regret saying that because this is only my second time. ZELDA is probably hitting the roof. I need to find a good source for the training when I start the next one. Any suggestions?

I just looked at your pics again and I am sick that mine do not even look like the same strain! :unamused:

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I can rub the stem now and get a preview?

Yup that’s also how you tell which male you should keep for breeding

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strong and pleasant!! :blush:

@GreenSnek @Axemanjake23
Tomorrow begins 3rd week flowering. I pulled the jolly green giant over gently and got her back in the light.
is there still any time to separate them? hopefully with the pic you guys may know what I need to do next.

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