3 part question about current flowering

Hello, like the title have a couple questions that I would greatly appreciate any tips and help with

So first, I’m growing 4 White Widow Autos in separate DWC buckets.

  1. Is there any way to get this behemoth girl to stop growing? She’s into flower, and absolutely towers all the others. And most crucial, the top cola is at the light, there is 0 room left. Should I try to tie the top down just a bit?

  1. Any obvious signs of what might have caused these horrid leaves to turn this way. It’s a handful mostly near the top of the plant. Mostly everything else looks good as far as I can tell. (This is girl ‘A’ not the girl ‘B’ in the other photo)

  2. And for the last, just any general info or helpful things to know. Humidity right now is a struggle. I have my dehumidifier running outside the tent most of the day. Which in turn is increasing the temperature quite a bit, including the buckets rez temp. 75c is the highest I’ve seen for the water, and 80-81 on the air temp.

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i would guess that shes hungry … but lets get some more experienced growers opinion

Looks like you will have to. Those will continue the bud stretch for a while. Bud stretch often doubles the height of a plant. :astonished:
As for those spots, gut reaction is always check for pests. Next knee jerk for me is cal-mag. It is not a cure all but often is needed most during flower.
For the general advice I will turn over to a hydro grower.
@Graysin , your thoughts?


Same, here. Top of plant and in mid to late flower screams CalMag and lack of potassium. Think banana peel aging - they show up first like little brown dots. That’s potassium. The reason I bring up the age of the plant and location of the browning is that it makes perfect sense - calcium, magnesium, and potassium have a symbiotic relationship during the flowering phase. The more light she gets, the more she’s going to use all three in tandem to try and make the most of the light you’re giving her. This is a good thing but consequently you’ll find she seems hungrier than ever before, especially while she’s reaching skyward.

I would grab a pair of pliers and squeeze the stalk of the colas - squeeze hard three or four times in a circle to soften all the tissue and then bend her over. This will serve the purpose of bruising the cell walls and strengthening her stalk as a result, while simultaneously slowing down her vertical growth by both training her sideways and doing some intentional damage to refocus her energy for a short time. If you’re uneasy, check out YouTube videos on “supercropping.” It’s the best way to Regain some space between your canopy and your light if you’re already at max height.

I’m guessing that’s supposed to be 75°F. As a bit of a tangent, warm water by itself isn’t damning. You’ll probably be just fine. I say this because your plant has made it this far in the grow without obvious issues. I found, personally, that light leaks caused significantly more harm to me than warm reservoir temps. If your roots still look healthy (robust and white, for the most part) then I wouldn’t stress it. If your air pumps and airstones are sufficient in the buckets, you’ll be able to oxygenate the water without needing to panic about high res temps. Keeping your humidity in check in flower is going to be a more valuable focus, so it sounds like you’re on the right track to me.

Thanks for the tag, my friend :v::100: always happy to assist.


@HMGRWN @Graysin ok wow. Where to even start haha. Thank you both so so much for the input. This information is invaluable for those preventive measure :grin:

They are 8 weeks old, for the entire grow I’ve given each bucket feeding 6.0 ml of cal, in 3.5 Gal per bucket.
But what your saying makes perfect sense, with this extreme growth, I haven’t been adding anymore cal mag during the top offs. So maybe I can spring a few mL in each top off.

You are a genius Graysin you nailed that :grinning:
Look at what I found on some of those top leaves

Ok so I’ll steady up the cal mag some, and since there 8 weeks I’ve been feeding the Big one around 1450 ppms, it’s drinking 2.5 gallons a day haha. I’ll up the ppms a bit on the other two a bit also.

I did a fair amount of research on a variety of training methods. Of none I got to use because, well the jungle that grew instead!
But I will get on that.

I see I see, wasn’t 100% on how much light effected autos during sleep. On some days I leave a door to the tent open just to let them breath some. I’m sure there’s a good amount of light leaks, ez fix there!
Oh and I’m no expert but I do believe these roots look rather luscious and healthy


Oh wait, we’re you referring to light leaks into the Rez? I’ve got those res Lids sealed up real tight. Filled to the brim with hydro ton, and there all wrapped in panda film


Yep- that’s what I had meant. Autoflowers don’t care about light on the plant so much, but the roots sure do!

Absolutely agreed. @HappyHydroGrower @Syndrix check these out - in 5 gal DWC. :v::100:


Haha Dumb question. :slightly_smiling_face:

And thanks for that! Means a lot coming from the big man

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Soo there is absolutely no way I could pull that off on that girl. :grinning: she is so tall and I’m sure I’d mess it up. Definitely way above my pay grade. Suggestion 2? Haha

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Wow that is impressive :blush::v:

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I just felt the need to post this beautiful picture. The sheer level of Stick and Stink coming off this girl is incredible :grinning:


Supercropping. :rofl: that’s my solution and I’m sticking to it, sorry!


@Chrisr36 trust @Graysin . If the light can’t go up, the plant must come down. You can’t top it now, only option is to bend it like Beckham.

Next grow I’m sure you’ll avoid this problem by training them when they are smaller. I was hesitant to cut and bend first time I grew in a tent, now I smoke a couple joints and it’s like Edward Scissorhands, I look later and it’s like “WTF did I DO???” but it’s all good, they respond well to abuse! Nice little S&M relationship you’ll get with your ladies after a while!


Killer roots and sleeve Growmie. @Graysin is a great cultivator and gave you some solid pointers. I would add using a 1/2 teaspoon of epson salt, a great source for magnesium and sulfur. Lite dose if you’re using a cal/mag combo :love_you_gesture:


10-4 on that. I’ll give it a whirl. She’s pretty healthy. Hell yah man, I do a lot of mild nit picky leave removals due to the limited space. Trying to make it work!
I’m just excited they’ve made it this far, and are doing okay :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the tip on that one! Oh no doubt on that one, @Graysin has chimed in with that thick Knowledge a few times for me now.

And thanks man!! The roots are mind numbing every time I top off or do a nute change. So hard to balance it. But when I let it sit in an empty bucket for 1/2 hour. And they fluff up, I can’t barely fit back into the bucket


Heey @Graysin quick question. I just snapped this picture of the big girl, just noticed these awful awful looking leaves. Still thinking calcium def?

PH 6.0, PPm 1400 in 3.5 Gallons. Mixed in is 6.0 mL of Cal-mag and 6ml hydro guard.

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Side note, majority of those leaves seem to be within the upper middle area of the plant. Almost entirely, not sure if that makes any difference

And never mind this comment, I suppose that’s obvious because it’s the area get hit by the light the hardest :laughing:

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Have you calibrated your pH meter lately??

Was it ever out of calibration in the past?

What do the top leaves look like?

What kind of nutes are you using?

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