Help with watering autos

My 2 autos are 30 days old today they are Colorado cookies, in 5gal fabric pots, buffered coco, perlite and sadly (small mix of fox farm ocean forest) it’s my first grow so I’m learning. Lately I have been watering like every 3 days sometimes 4 they seem reasonably dry by then. I have been watering half a gallon of water each but haven’t got any runoff at all. I don’t want to risk any salt build up so I’m not sure that seems like a lot of water.? Other than this I feel like they are growing decently. I have done a little lst and removed a few fan leafs because the plants were absolutely ridiculously bushy.

In my opinion you should water until you see 10% or 15% run off for your watering. Check drainage holes if there is a problem and don’t remove any fan leaves of an auto because you may stress them and take time to recover and don’t remove any leaves until you sure 50% of it not usable. I have 4 autos also you can check them in my profile.