Overwatering my autos?

I am also a first time grower. using coco with 30% perlite. I am in south Florida so I have an ocean breeze, humidity at 60-80 percent and the heat index is around 85-95 degrees. They were planted two days ago, started poking out of the dirt yesterday, and today is the first time I see them standing except the leaves are curling down. Is this because they’re still growing up or is it overwatering? I gave them 2 liters on the day I potted them. Waterings were a liter each about 4 hours apart. Thinking that the issue is overwatering but I would like to see what you think?

Dead on with the over watering , at that stage they should be getting minimal water like a shot glass full a day. I split it up and do half in the morning and the other half at night.

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I agree with the over watering… :+1:

I’m guessing your growing outdoor with that temp so you may have go up a little on the water due to the temperature.


What do you think? A cup of water a day between the two?

From my understanding they are not taking water up through the roots right now, mist them


About 2 tbsp of H20 a day for the 1st week. Dome them to help keep them cozy w/o drenching the medium. If the medium dries sooner, add water.

Once they get going, you’ll want the Coco to stay moist, so nice waterings every day or every other day.

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I thought they say it’s ok to water heavier with autos in coco because the risk of salt build up or nute lock etc? Just curious I buffer with cal mag and rinsed my coco before planting I also mixed in a small amount of fox farm ocean forest. I haven’t watered very much because it always feels dampish. I’m on my 4th day today and seeds are starting to come up a tiny bit. I haven’t fed anything since I planted l checked the ppm the meter said 1583 I thought in the first stages of life the ppm should be a lot lower like 300-500 maybe. I’m guessing it’s because I did a cal mag buffer because they say coco lacks calcium

@Myfriendis410 knows more about Coco

I would not do this. You end up with a ‘crappy’ soil, not media. Gotta pick one or the other.

THAT’s why.

Water daily with coco. You do not feed at every watering. Usually it’s F/W/F/W but you hit peak growth and runoff is stable ppm then you can up to F/F/W/F/F/W. Or some other combo. Use cal mag on water only days. Flushing periodically is required to remove sequestered salts.

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Thanks for the reply, first grow hopefully things will take off, next grow I will stick to coco might be a lesson learned.