Auto grow tips and feed back

My first time growing auto I have (2) Colorado cookies by Dutch passion and (1) sweet soma by 00 seed bank. I am growing in 5gal pots with coco coir brick that I washed and buffered with cal mag. I also mixed in perlite and a tiny bit of fox farm ocean forrest (won’t do that again). I am running a spider farmer 2000, and am keeping my humidity around 60-68% and the temps during the day 73-78degrees. And it drops to roughly 69 at night. These are 7 days old all sprouted by day 5, I have watered a few times until run off with only PH water to 6.0-6.2 when should I worry about feeding any kind of nutes or cal mag etc? I haven’t been watering heavy the past few days just roughly a few shot glasses per day. It’s all new to me and makes me nervous. Any info and tips is appreciated thanks! I am also reading other post as well.


Everything sounds good, but that soil looks pretty damp, maybe give it a day to dry out. No additional nutes until your sucker leaves (bottom) yellow up and die.
Seedlings have enough internal nutrients to grow to that stage.

Good vibes and good luck :v:

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Thanks for the reply! Yes I thought it’s damp too I have only been giving roughly 2 shot glasses of water a day on the rapid rooter so it doesn’t dry out. And with only being a week in what nutes should I worry about feeding normally?

I think every new grower here needs to read hellraiser, growing gg and others, about 5 different parts to it. He don’t grow autos but a lot of great info there

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I will check it out for sure I have nothing to gain but a learning process. So far I have seen lots of good info on here :raised_hands:

There is a lot of good info here and a lot of help if you have a problem along the way

Even this is potentially too much. When plants are small, water sparingly, until proper root system is formed, be patient and it will reward you. The first grow I did, before this awesome place, was a disaster. Mass seedling homicide, due to inexperience, over watering, overhandling and anything else you can think of, nutes too early, incorrect ph… etc. Read as much as you can Growmie, the time will pay for itself. :v:

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Ahh definitely Ive had people tell me “Oh you need to water until runoff in coco or you’ll have salt build up or nute block etc.” I haven’t been watering too much and ahhh yeah I will slow back some I think the girls looks decent at the moment lol! Thanks for the reply :ok_hand::+1: