Help with light placement and DLI

So I’m new to growing and just got the AC Infinity 11" Ionbeams and trying to figure out the best placement for them.

Current set up

ACI S22 ionboard 100w
ACI ionbeam U2 - UVA light, 2 bars mounted on canvas side about 12" from canopy. 24w @ max(manufacturers recommendation is lvl 5 for 2x2) so 12w.

Thinking of putting the Ionbeams on each corner of tent. Just not sure how high or low. Manufacturer recommends seed - 1" @ 10%, Veg - 2" @ 30%, veg - 6" @60%, and flower - 6" @ 100%.

Also growing a single Auto in 5 gal gabric pot. Just want to make sure i dont get to close but want to be able to provide light below if possible.

1st question being - should I pole mount, fabric mount, or mount above canopy some how?, create a single wall of light?

2nd ? - what height above or below canopy? Or keep equal with canopy?

3rd ? - should I measure DLI per individual light and add together? Or measure DLI with all fo them on?

Just not sure if I will get within the 6in if mounted on pole or not. Since it is my first grow.

Any help :pray:

Also ignore my tiny door to Happiness! Lol

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I always hang the lights in the range recommended by the manufacturer and dial on DLI with the dimmer. Don’t measure DLI separately for each light. Measure it at the canopy level all together. I hang my UV bar beside (parallel to) the main light.


If I mount them on the poles do you think a single auto will get within 6in?

Also be sure to close the tent door as best as possible while taking your readings. A wide open door will result in a low reading.


That I all ready do! Little hole for my hand to stick through. Lol

It could, but you can bend and train it however you need it to be. You could also move the lights if needed. Give it a try however you want to set things up and you can always change it around later.

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Was just thinking that I could just train them away from it. Yeah just hate moving cords around in such a tiny space. So trying to get best placement before i go into my Hobit hole.

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I am using two sets of ACInfinity IonBeam S-16s in a 3x3 tent. Since they are new there was not much information about them when I ordered them. I’ll be happy to share what little I know about them.

I have one ILGM Chocolope plant in the 3x3 tent. The Chocolope is a tall growing strain so is a perfect plant to try out side lighting on. I didn’t do as aggressive of lollipoping to this plant as I usually do so it will be interesting seeing if side lighting helps.

I started with the controllers that came with the IonBeams but found it easier to have them come on with my other lights so I bypassed the controllers I use them at 100% all the time. I have an Apogee meter for measuring the light intensity and as I recall, their PPFD is around 500 at 6 inches distance. Not enough to harm a plant that grows even closer or makes contact with the light. I’ll check the light intensity in a couple days when I get home to confirm.

The “extension” cords that come with the light are not very long so I doubt they will reach to put one in each corner pole even in a 2x2 tent. Thats why I bought a second set, so I could spread them evenly around a 3x3 tent.

I’m not sure the lights would be of much benefit until your plant gets bigger and grows closer to the sides of the tent.

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Thank you so much for that info. I just got them installed and they barely fit on each post. Couldn’t put the cord behind the post has to pass in front.

I also used the photone app and it showed par at around 600 about 4-6" so sounds right in line. On the edge of my pot they were measuring at about 90 which is about 10".

I have them On. Not sure if they are doing any good but more LIGHTS! Lol

There are S-16 Ionbeams in there somewhere, two sets.


Swept thru canopy as above mentioned.

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