Recommendations for a light

I bought a new light about 2 weeks ago and I’m not really impressed by it. It is an ac infinity ionframe 3. I like all the customizations but the intensity seems rather weak. I have an hlg 150 rspec that is much brighter, it just doesn’t cover the same area.

For reference I’m lucky to get 750 umol per m per s while the hlg gives about 1250. This is about 12 inches away. If I got to 2 inches it’s 2400 to 4000+, my meter turns off after 4k as it’s too intense.

I was thinking of getting another hlg, I liked the 325 max but it is out of stock except one site that has the 4000k versions which is supposed to be for veg only. I also liked the 200 rspec but for 20 dollars more it makes more sense to go with the 325 max.

I’m hoping someone can recommend something that’s good quality and not way too expensive. I have about 300 to spend for one. I need it to cover a flowering footprint of 3x3 and use for both veg and flower.
I don’t have much experience with lights, only those two brands and I don’t think I’m gonna buy from ac infinity again.

I have the Evo04 from AC, its a bar version and so far seems very good and came recommended from a few people here growing in a similar size. I think the small panel style ION ones are only good for seedlings and early veg

I would call HLG direct and ask what they have on refurbs currently. You can usually get a light about 1/2 the new price and they still offer a warranty.


@Putridsmell check out the Schulz lights . I run the 840w and their 620w. The 620 will do a 5x5 fine, the 840 will do up to 7x7. They are a bar light system, if something happens to one of your bars, simply loosen the hold down screw, pop the bar out and replace. I have extra bars but haven’t had any issues so far. They also offer UV light bars if you wanted to add some in flower.

E85 and Pancakes under the 840, 5 weeks in and packing on weight.


@Growdoc Dude those are healthy girls

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@T-ray Thanks brotha! Few more weeks to go, can’t wait to cut them and see what this grow yields!

Those look really nice! 700 or 800 watt light would be too much for me. I don’t have a conventional tent, more like a 3.5x3 foot area.

You happen to have a PAR meter to check them? I tried looking up Schulz but I can’t find anything. Is that a brand name or do you have a link? Closest thing I found was something on Amazon called SZHLUX

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I sent a message two days ago asking about them and I haven’t heard back. I asked a question before and they got back the morning after. Maybe I need to call them

Szhlux that’s the brand. For smaller tents, I’ve seen several people using their 400w, which I think would do a 3x3 fine.

I’ve seen really good reviews for the Viparspectra KS3000. Uses Samsung LM301H diodes with some osram 660 diodes for far red. Supposed to have excellent coverage, very even all the way to the corners. Should get up to 1000ppfd at max intensity in flower, not sure if it’s enough for you.

I don’t have one, but I’ve been looking at getting one for my 3x3 tent next time I upgrade.