Any one but the s11 or s16 ionbeM light bars from ac infinity?

Hey all. Jw i have a 3x3 tent. When buying lighting for first grow i was sold by the design. And seperate ir and uv light switch. I have a kind 330w light. So by sta dards bow i see of 40 to 50 dli. I need 360 to 450 watts for 9 square feet im going for whole scrog in 3x3 with one plant. So ill need ligjt. With the plus mins 5 percent i may be at total of 315 to 345. Light covers the whole tent so cant get another hanging light. Wondering about the acinfinity lightsbto put on side of tent. Thoight ? Opinions ?? Any reviews ??


I’ve seen growers use side lighting and thought about trying it myself. AC Infinity sells good lighting from what I’ve read on this forum. Price seems reasonable. S11 seems to be sold out everywhere. Probably looking at the 16" ones if you decide to get them. I’m sure either of them would be good supplemental lighting.

If you’re going to run a scrog…not sure side lighting will help. Most remove all growth below the net :love_you_gesture:


Yes i did most of them. But if i ran the lights around the top of the scrog net i should achieve more than than 330 watts i have now right ?? Would it still integrate and add into it ?


I received the 16 inch bars about three weeks ago so I have limited experience and can’t comment on effectiveness.

I have a 3x3 with a 240 watt HLG light and wanted to add the bars to balance out the light on the sides of the tent that don’t get as much coverage from the rectangular fixture. The 16 inch bars add 40 watts of lighting at full power. I ordered a second set to balance out the light and add another 40 watts but have not received them yet.

Ask me how I like them in about two months.

I bought them because I can afford to try out new stuff, but when you consider it costs about $100 for 40 watts I’d say that the bars are not a big bang for the bucks. There are probably more affordable ways to boost the lighting in a grow space.

I also can afford them if need be lol and i like the ability to magnetize them abywhere at aby angle thrpugh the grow tent with the magnets. So my light fills my 3x3. No room to add another fixture its 33.5 inch long in a 35 inch tent. And other way id have room for a sinle bar maybe. But than that moves thia light from centered. And its a nice light dont wanna buy a bigger one (500 bucks for this lol )

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@Jestertz Heres how I am currently using them. The magnetic bars are nice and can be slid around for repositioning. I like that feature too.

The plant was just put in the tent yesterday so there is no effect to be seen.