Help!... New Grow Tent Temperature Control

Howdy folks!.. Hope everyone is doing well!.. :tropical_drink:

Once again I am seeking advice from the collective braintrust…

So… After 2 years of pretty decent results, I decided to get a larger tent and an additional light… I then converted my smaller tent for germination/seedlings… I had planned for 4-6 plants, but had a “germination issue” I’m currently working with ILGM, but that’s another story in itself. LoL!

The problem is the temperature control…

I had managed my temp to the mid-upper 80’s for all of my previous grows, but with this new tent, the temps have skyrocketed to the upper 90’s even with 3 fans (I had 2 in smaller tent) and all of the available vents open… This wouldn’t be an option as they grow and develop the aroma that will leave my neighbors questioning.

I honestly don’t know how to effectively drop the temp to reasonable levels… I thought about running a direct line from my home AC duct, but that cycles on/off so would not provide consistent cooling… A small swamp cooler is only effective for several hours without adding more water/ice, and I’m gone for a couple of days at a time for work (hence the water supplement lines in the pics below) so that’s not an alternative.

Any suggestions from the group?.. @MeEasy , @Underthestairs , I always want your suggestions, and everyone else’s as well… :sunglasses:

… So until I can rectify the issue, my latest group has been relocated back into the cramped studio apartment… At just 2 weeks (12 days to be exact), they are starting rather well once again!



One thing I do to manage my tent temps is get a small desk fan and zip tie it to the top of my tent. Aim it directly at your lights. It will help dissipate the heat that is coming off the LEDs and drivers.

If you have any prayer of removing the drivers and putting them outside the tent, I would do that too.

Stand by for Under & MeEasy. They helped get my first grow rockin too.


Thanx Gray… Yea, I have fans above and below aimed to dissipate the heat.

… I already know that “one” of my issues is that the light is really too much for the tent (but it really produces great buds for an amateur like me. LoL!)… But I doubled the size and doubled the light, so I thought the heat exchange would also be doubled and exhausted… I dunno… :upside_down_face:

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The only way I am able to keep mine in check is to keep the room around 70° and run the exhaust fan up pretty high when the lights are on. I have an ac infinity 67 controller on my 4x4 that I love it adjust the fan to the temperature and humidity inside the tent but on the 2x4s I just have 4" ac exhaust. During the hottest days of summer I can’t keep the temperature down and my tents run in the high 80s I stick to growing sativas they handle it better than the indicas


You can run more exhaust on your tents but if the lung room is warm it’s just circulating the warm air, a window or portable ac might be what you need

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Ha!.. I have the ac set to 70 as well!.. :sunglasses:

Using an AC Infinity Cloudline T4 4"… I’ve used it to adjust the temp/humidity at times… Would going to a 6" make a big difference?

I haven’t used the T control, do they have a second plug in for another fan? You might just get a second 4" without the control and plug it into that one so it does both together

Ok… I haven’t found any sort of portable AC that would last beyond several hours. Most are “swamp coolers” relying on water over a fan for cool air, and they have to be refilled… I can be gone 3-4 days at a time for work…

I’m really at a loss here… Man, I rigged the new gear and the temp was spiking at 97-99 degrees with all vents open and fans running… I dunno… :confounded:

I’ve thought about that… But wanted to get advice prior to spending the money on an additional fan/filter setup… You guys know so much more than I could guess at.

Holy short!! That’s high you will need to have more air exchange the 4" isn’t enough

I put intake fans on the 4x4, I bought two little $30 rexial fans from ac because with the 6" exhaust I thought the tent was going to collapse :laughing: plus they blow fresh air up under the plants while the exhaust pulls the heat out


I used a 6” in my 4x4 - the 6” plus the desk fan zip tied to blow on the lights did the trick for me but 2 x4” would do it too.


So…Referencing the pic at the start of this thread…

2 small fans below, and 1 above the lights, with the 4" duct/fan is not enough?

What should I add?.. I figured the 3 fans would clear some heat but I figured wrong.

I have one of these portable ac I don’t have room for now but I was using at the old house it was much easier to control the temperature of the room. They have little window units at home depot for $150 i believe

Aiight!.. So go with a 6" fan/duct and 3 small fans should do the trick?

Heck, I’ll order 'em tonight…

The fans are just blowing around the hot air they are necessary for the plants. The duct fan removes hot air and sucks cool air through the vents called passive intake.

If the room is 70 then you need more air exchange. Another or bigger duct fan and or intake fan to help the cool air coming in


[quote=“MeEasy, post:13, topic:86708”]
I have one of these portable ac I don’t have room for now but I was using at the old house it was much easier to control the temperature of the room. They have little window units at home depot for $150 i believe[/quote]

That’s a tight fit in a small tent.

And keep the 4” handy because as @MeEasy says, more air exchange will help keep those temps down.

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My “light bulb” just came on… Ha Ha!.. :rofl:

Ok, I’m going “bigger/better” for the duct fan…

Like I said, the lights are too big for the tent, but worked with just 1 in a small tent… I should’a multiplied the amount of heated air to exhaust… I.E. bigger duct fan…

Muchas Gracias guys!.. Y’all just made my evening… :sunglasses:

… But this old dude needs to go to bed now… Later gators!

:laughing: no it goes outside the tent to make the air going into the tent cooler