Heat is a a problem I want to solve

Grow tent issues. I’m going to bore you with too much info but I don’t know how to do this without telling you my situation. After trying to come up with the space for my grow inside my house I became aware the garage was the only space possible, and even that will be a challenge.
I did succeed in putting a 2x4x5 grow tent in the perfect place. I started my grow without a grow tent with Jack Herrer fem seeds from ILGM. Well, only one plant has survived out of 6 trys On top of that my JH seeds were in an empty prescription bottle, wife did some frog cleaning, out they went. Omg
So I bought the grow tent, inline vent 4 inch, carbon filter, 2 - Viparspectra 1000p led lights with dimmer. Fans, temp/humidity meter, ph meter plus all the up down I would need. GeneralHydrophonics Floro grow etc.
I’m set up now for growing autoflower first, white widow. First seeds terminated 2 out of three, I see my mistake on the o e the died.
My problem is I live in a how humid climate temps I garage 87-90 and need to cool tent down the tent until the weather changes. Winters here are rarely below freezing and heaters will solve that.
Fans only do so much, I’ve used cold wet towels to some success. Any other ideas other then spending hundreds on a.c. stuff.

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Welcome ! you might find that a winter grow would be much easier controlling temperature and humidity than a Summer Grow. If not already you might run your lights at night and off daylight hours. Good luck


Thank you Kellydans, my plan was to start my grow in Sept. Because that’s when it starts cooling off where I live. I just had a pretty healthy Jack Herrer plant I wanted to get to flower. She is a beautiful thing. So far, the plant is not reacting negatively to 89-91 . I’m just an old guy with a lot to learn. This is on my bucket list. I just don’t want to try to grow, I intend to be as good as the information that’s out there as I can be.
Thanks again for the advice.


Here is what I did and it keeps the kn side of my tent perfectly between 70 and 75 depending on what my air conditioning it set to. I purchased 4 fans at Walmart. My tent and probably yours as holes are the top. I put one fan facing in and one out for intake and exhaust. The tent is in a room and I keep the door shut and there is 2 small fans inside to circulate air. I’m in Las Vegas too so keeping things cool and humid can be a challenge.

So another be if it of this is it helps me control the humidity as well. The fans like everything else is on Alexa enabled plugs. The intake Dan runs 24x7 the exhaust i shit off at night and turn on with the lights in the morning. I have 2 humidifiers in the room with the tent next to the intake port. When I need the humidity up I turn the exhaust fan off. It will rise them I turn it back on. Sometimes I don’t have the ac turned on low enough so I’ll turn the grow lights off for about 10 minutes and leave the intake and exhaust running. It cools pretty quick. Just think of it as a cloudy day