Just a little update with regards to temperature

Finally I have my temp sorted guys take a look at the new tent I no longer need the personal air con unit and I think it’s fair to say she is doing great considering I’m waiting on my nutes


Looking good just waiting to take off.

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Yes it’s looking good so far

Right it’s two weeks old and just surprised me I’ve had the light off 5 hours just went to turn back on and her first set of leaves have began to fan out😁

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Do ilgm only dispatch to US I just tried and it don’t allow me to select my region

What lights are you using and what nutes. Share with us.

I would like to advise you to find a nice T5 lamp for seedlings and propagation. you can set the plants 2" under the lights and get some sick tight nodal spacing. You can these really inexpensive. :slight_smile:
Happy growing.

Currently no nutes still haven arrived just tried to purchase more seed this time from ilgm but it won’t allow me to order