Help….if $ and size were no object?

If $ and size up to 10’x10’ were no object what complete grow room set up or even if you pieced it out 1 item at a time. What would be your ideal set up? Really hoping to get some specific advice if anyone is pretty well educated in this dept. as I am most definitely not on indoor growing. I am fairly well versed on outdoor growing , LST & HST now but not indoors. I’m looking for specific models, manufacturer’s, lighting sizes and so on. Preferably a full spectrum light requiring no bulb changes for veg and flower. I’d like to only have to purchase this stuff 1 time and not multiple times after finding I wanna keep moving up in size and quantity of plants that can be grown. I realize I’ll likely have to replace components over the years but again I’d really like to make this a permanent sized set up for myself. I’m willing to drop whatever coin necessary if I feel I’m purchasing top grade equipment and it’s worth it. I’d also be willing to purchase something middle of the road and more budget friendly if there truly isn’t a ton of difference except name brand as far as pricing goes. I’d love to have an 8’x8’ or 10’x10’ but would be willing to purchase a 5’x5’ if there were dramatic benefits to a particular model or name brand. If anyone could please point me in a good direction I’d be more than grateful for your advice and knowledge of this subject. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me out!!!

I would seriously look at the New ACI Air cond. System! It basicly does everything needed for enviromental control. Add a humidifier and a couple if occolator fans and lights and your pretty much set up.


I have a 4x8 tent that I can grow 8 plants with no problems. I would go with AC Infinity equipment except lights. HLG is the standard and I suggest 650w and you would need two. The AC Infinity humidifier 15Liter is awesome. 8” in-line fan with carbon filter from AC Infinity, comes with 69 controller will control everything in your tent and has a app you can use to check levels such as temp and humidity and change your settings from your phone. Ac Infinity tents are good but I have a Vivosun that works well and has two doors on two different sides. I also have oscillation fans from Vivosun that works off my controller. Good luck with your choices there sure is a lot of them out there and a lot of opinions about what to use. I grow hydroponic in a Ebb and flow system using green planet nutrients. Here’s a example of my last grow.


Do you have a specific brand number for ACI that you recommended. I build a 12x12 building that I’m wanting to put heat and air in. Was thinking mini split

They only make one now i believe good up to 10x10. This is a mostly complete envirment control not just cold/heat. But can run the other ACI equip and also to VPD. Its pretty amazing. On paper. Also controls air intake and exhust as well as circulation.

WOW!! Totally awesome!!