Help! Brown dots on the leafs?

Hello happy growers
Got some questions about 2 of my clones?
They on week 6 flowering
They ak48 nirvana seeds
GH nutrient trio
Cal mag & floralicious plus
12/12 light schedule
Ph 5.8/6.2

They start getting brown dots on the leafs close to the buds

Dont know if its mag deficiency?
If with cal mag get fix o flushing it?
Dont know if its light burn?
Can someone please help me out ??

At first glance I would say calcium deficiency. What is your growing media, and how much of each bottle are you using/ total ppm?


Soil coco
nutrient GH trio
10ml micro
10ml gro
10ml bloom
Ppm 800/1000 around

easy cal-mag deficiency, dont worry too much, just feed them according to schedule in case you feed too little otherwise give a little bit more


Yup, pretty typical to need calmag in coco.

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Thanks! To all
For the advice!!
It is calcium deficiency I found out growing with coco and using amino acids (floralicious plus) plants ask for more cal mag!!
Happy growing

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