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Hello all….I’m a newer grower and know enough to be dangerous. I have this one particular auto and need some advice.
Problems began on day 1……it’s a CDLC from Mephisto and once it popped it clearly didn’t like the Fox Farms Light Warrior that I started it in. By day 16-17 I was ready to give up and start over….it was still very tiny and yellowing. So while I procured more seeds I moved it from the Light Warrior into Ocean Forest/EWC and more perlite. It totally took off and grew like crazy.
The problem was I had basically lost 3 weeks and just as it started getting some size it began flowering. I said what the hell and LST’d it and kept it under the light….which is a HLG 320 r-spec LED.
I was only giving ph’d water w/ a light dose of silica for the first 4-5 weeks. It looked healthy was stretching a fair amount w/ good stacking. I realize I’ll be lucky to get an oz from it but I decided to carry it out till the end.
Approx 2 weeks ago I gave it a light top dressing of Gaia Green 2-8-4 and watered it in.
I’ve let it go through a good wet/dry cycle before watering.
Up until recently there wasn’t a hint of any yellowing or problem of any sort. But a couple days ago I saw a few burnt/yellowing tips and some fading on a few fan leaves.
I’ve defoliated the heck out of this plant and she’s still pretty bushy. For the life of me I cannot figure out if she’s hungry or if I may have over fed.
The plant is 62 days from sprout and has been in the current 3 gal pot of Ocean Forest for about 35 days. The nutes in the OF have to be running thin and my top dress 2 weeks ago was light, maybe 1/2 the suggested amount.
What does everyone think??
I included pics from earlier and then a couple from today including the up close shots of a few of the problematic leaves.
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to chime in and help a brotha out.
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Hi there. Welcome to the neighborhood.
No pics to see. Wait til pics 100% loaded, then hit reply.


Also what is ppms going in and out that will tell you if your are over feeding if the soil is used all nutrients.

You might try uploading just 2 or so pics at a time and wait till they are 100% loaded and wheel stops spinning

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Thanks I’ll try that.


You worrying I’ve nothing that I can see nice looking lady


Check your runoff numbers. The ppm will let u know if the lady wants some nutes. She looks :+1:

Can anyone help me 1 st on how to post

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@Hmcdatz you just did. if you want to start your own thread, go to top of home and tap topic, then add what you need help with. hope this helps a little.

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I’m not seeing anything to worry about

Thanks to all that chimed in. This plant is a great example of how important the first 2-3 weeks of life is for an auto. I lost those first 3 weeks and when I got things dialed in it grew as well as any I’ve ever seen. But, as autos do, it started flowering based on nothing but age.
I had some photo plants that had the same issues along with the autos for those first 3 weeks after sprout. They just went outside for good and looked phenomenal….still in veg of course.

Thanks for that where is the home button

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hi there. @I click my back button until i get to it from here. In middle of the page it has
‘new topic’ on right side. start there. @Hmcdatz

Thanks got it