This plant is 5 months old. Should I keep tending to it?

Good evening forum!

Well. Here’s my other plant, the champion. Strong little fella who also never bore fruit. (Had led lights too close for too long I think). He survived. But, lost his flowering umph!

Anyways. I keep hoping it’ll flower. So I keep feeding it.

Should I give up on it? Is it too late? This is my 1st grow.

8 pics.

Need help :pray:


5 months from start of seed germination, I should clarify.

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** This is an autoflower.

(Can we not edit posts, I couldn’t find a way to add this into my initial post)

Looks like cerebral palsy to me


Hey welcome to the community , Plant looks to be in the window to harvest. When I took my first look without even reading I thought (AUTO plant)) Personally I would chop and move on to the next grow. You might consider photo plant next grow. They are much more forgiven.
Happy growing :v:


Wildest looking plant I’ve ever seen, down to the trunk even. Like a bonsai mutation.What type of auto is it, what breeder? I would move on to the next. Harvest that and maybe it will surprise you.


Good on you for the effort! I would have sent her to organic heaven a long time ago…autos man.


Thank you everybody!

This is a Cinderella auto. I don’t remember the breeder. Bought the seeds a few years ago.

The buds aren’t really large enough to do anything with. I hope in the following days, weeks, IDK, it’ll fill in.

The nice mj smell is also gone. No smell now. It did smell a big strong about 2 months ago. But there never was anything to harvest.

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I wouldn’t bank on it doing anything else. You can harvest what calyxes and small parts of bud it did make. There is def smokable bud on there. Curious as to what soil you used and what kind of light?

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This is my light. (Amazon link)
VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Actual Power 200 Watt

My soil was an organic soil. I don’t remember the name. I hear Happy Frog (I think that’s the name, I’ll double-check) talked about highly in here a lot. I’ll go with them next time!

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I used Miracle Grow fertilizer (their new ‘organic’ kind). 8-8-8

Recently I bought General Hydroponics Flora. I’ll be using them next grow.

So… Made some mistakes. Live and learn.

I’ll keep growing him for a bit longer. See what happens :slightly_smiling_face:

I just couldn’t come across anything like this when searching online (thick purple dried leaves, etc)

Time to give up on that one, and start over with the proper soil, and nutrients. And I would ditch the auto idea. They’re very unreliable. I decided to try one 1 more time, and this is what I have after 40 days. They’re just not worth it to me.


That’s a nice looking plant :heart: Mine never looked that good for a day :wink:

I bought a bunch of auto seeds a few years back. I must have another 30-50 seeds. I’ll have to (slowly) use those up before trying a photo plant.

So, auto is it for me for now. Wish me luck next grow :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks, I’m just used to bigger, high yielding plants.


This thing definitely gonna get you fried! Have you checked the trichomes yet? I’ll bet they are full of ambers.

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Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a new response :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, the plant is smelling more potent again after a fresh nutrient watering. Lots of sticky dew-like droplets all over.

I do kind-of want to let the buds grow more, because they’re so awfully tiny still.

Really? Ya think so?

There’s a bowls worth of organic material here, nothing more. I’d put my money on Headache vs. Fried!

Well, funny enough the buds are growing again! The hairs are already red (have been red for probably 2 months).

I gave it nutrients 3 days ago and it’s perked up some. (it seems to temporally perk up after nutrients).

I’ll post updated pics soon.

Here’s 3 pics I just took. The bud areas are fattening up. The hairs are red, have been for a while.

So, it’s still doing something. IDK if real buds will really grow. But I will keep trying.

Setting up my new grow room now for next grow (it’ll be my 2nd grow). Going to sprout the seeds in the next week or two. Doing 12 plants this time! Figured I’d probably at least get a few good ones from the 12, lol. And using a new grow light also. :+1:

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