The dreaded question (Do I kill her off?)

This little Bear Dance auto is doing its best but the lack of proper light at the beginning i think hurt it.

She’s still growing but its been a month.
What do you gro bros think?


I am confused as to why you want to do away with her.

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Looks fine to me. Id let it rock and roll.

The time frame.

When i first got on here I was told if growth is stunted by more than a month results will be disappointing.

I am still new to this and autos are so finicky.

Thats all :grinning:

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Okay. I don’t guess I had had anyone say to get rid of a plant that is green and healthy. I would like @FUKAZ28 says, let her grow on. :blush::v:



My first attempts the growth were stunted so long they started flowering and they were still seedling size.

I should clarify that. :laughing:

I will let her grow on.

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I would let her grow. She will stretch when flower starts hopefully.


I agree with the others. Let her fly and see how it goes. You won’t get 4 zips from her, but @4204life has a good point. She may well double in size in the first few weeks in flower.

Use this grow to learn and you’ll rock the next one.

Did one of the fine growers here help you understand why this happens with young plants?


Keep the dwarf going. Should be a cute fat bud in another month or so. My autos are like 2 weeks old, my first auto crop, and I’m worried about this happening to my crop. They have a couple sets of leaves, very green and healthy. But short. Like me. But short can be awesome.

Light is what i was told

The experience will be good, even if she ends up finishing small but I have seen some really small autos finish beautifully. The main thing is you should never throw out a healthy plant. They can and do surprise us.

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Let her ride! Ive had autos start throwing pistils when they were 4" tall and end up over 18".


If a good light isnt an option why not get it use to the outdoors? Set it out for 30 minutes the first day and let it sit out longer every day until you can leave it everyday. I bet I’ll jump then. Youll have to water more othen but the sun is the best IMO. If im wrong someone please correct me. After all i am a newbie at Mary jane but not plants in general.

What i do know about. LOL

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Got any updates on the little lady?

She didnt make it.

The thrip damage sadly took too much of a toll :cry:

@Africanplainstrain. Sorry to hear that man.
Dont let that stop you. Keep your head up and start another one.